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How to Create A+ Content on Amazon Seller Central

Are you ready to add A+ Content to your marketing wheelhouse? Here's our step by step guide.

How to Create A+ Content on Amazon Seller Central
Julia Grant

March 23, 2022

If you aren’t using A+ Content or adding enhanced brand content yet on Amazon, you should start doing so immediately. A+ Content allows you to create highly customized and appealing listings that increase conversions and boost your brand's image just as effectively as this elephant can boost your basketball skills. 

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Amazon A+ Content: Creation, Guidelines & Requirements 

In this article, we will unpack how to use A+ content (Amazon enhanced brand content) and some of the main guidelines to abide by when creating your content. We will briefly touch on the basics of A+ Content - though you can find more on this in our A+ Content starter guide here.

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Understanding A+ Content

A+ Content (formerly Enhanced brand content EBC) is a unique way that Amazon allows sponsored brands and brand owners to pump up their listings with modules that consist of a combination of text, images, and even video. These modules take generic listings to the next level and rely on tried and true marketing psychology methods to rope in more customers. Amazon says that A+ Content can increase conversions by 3-10%.

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A+ listings can also include comparison charts, and all images i.e. lifestyle images, multiple brand logos, images of product features, etc. can be HD. The combination of these features results in amazing listings that convert quicker and better overall. The two main kinds of unique content available in A+ Content include enhanced product descriptions (customizable text/image organization, comparison charts, custom headers and images, and bulleted feature listing) as well as brand content (image and text cards, carousel displays, and links to the brand store).

Example of A+ Content on Amazon for a health food product.
Source: Amazon

A+ Content is free for all brand-registered sellers. However, there is a paid option called Amazon Premium A+ Content. This feature is invite-only and does incur quite a cost. You typically will only see high-profile brands using this feature, and shouldn’t worry much about it. A+ Content is sufficient for most Amazon sellers. Premium A+ Content includes longer videos, more image and visual modules, customizable FAQ content, interactive modules, and voice-friendly product pages.

There is no question that A+ Content is worth it! Start using it now before it becomes commonplace to get the full benefits.

How to Use A+ Content

Creating your A+ Content is fairly simple - although the design aspect can be complicated if you aren’t working with an experienced professional who can easily get this done for you. Here’s the rundown of how to get your A+ Content live.

  1. Register Your Brand.

Before you can begin with the rest of these steps, you will need to ensure that your brand has been registered at Amazon Brand Registry. You are not eligible for A+ Content if you have not completed this step.

  1. Find the A+ Content Manager. 

You can find the A+ Content Manager by logging into your Seller Central Account and clicking on the Advertising option in the main navigation panel. From there, click A+ Content Manager. Be sure to click Start once you’ve reached this manager to begin your process.

Where to find the A+ Content Manager within Amazon Seller Central.
Where to find the "start creating A+ Content" button within the A+ Content Manager.

  1. Choose Basic Product Description or Brand Story Content

A+ Content comes in two major categories. Listing content (basic) or brand stories. When creating your A+ content, you will have to choose which one of these you are creating. 

The process for both of these categories is identical but has different results. Your brand story will be showcased across any product within your brand and is showcased above the enhanced product description. To keep things simple, we’re focusing on enhanced product descriptions in this post.

How to choose which type of A+ Content you want to create.

  1. Choose Your Modules & Name Your File

Once you choose your “enhanced product description” category and get your approved brand catalog, you will start building your content. First, enter the content name, and then start adding the modules you would like to use for your content.  

How to start creating your own modules for Amazon A+ Content.

  1. Upload Images & Text

Adding in your material is relatively easy. Simply click the camera icons and type in the text where available in your chosen modules. Be sure to fill out every available title, header, image keywords, and body text area on the detail page. Use optimized copy and use professionally shot enhanced images to get the best results here!

Where to add your own pictures and text within the A+ Content Manager.

  1. Enter Your ASIN

You will need to choose which listing you want to create this A+ Content for. It’s important to note that you can only use listings that are officially a part of your brand. 

  1. Save Your File As a Draft If Needed.

If you need to consult about final design approval, be sure to save your design as a draft before submitting it.

  1. Make Final Adjustments

Spend some time playing around with the layout and your content. Feel free to mix it up, and be patient here! It might take a few tries before you find the perfect fit for your listing design. You can keep redesigning and hitting preview to get a feel for what your content will look like. 

Example of A+ Content made by EcomHub.

  1. Submit & Await Approval

Once you’re all done and you’ve landed on a design, click the Finish button and wait for Amazon to approve your page. Your changes or your new design should be up within a week. If for some reason your page did not adhere to Amazon guidelines from vendor central, your page can be rejected. 

  1. Don’t Forget to A/B Test

You can now run split testing on A+ Content with some of your listings. You can try this out by visiting the A+ Content Manager and clicking “learn more about A/B testing” if it’s your first time. Split testing is a great way to discern which one of your modules works best and what you should keep doing (or stop doing) with your designs.

Where to find the A/B testing option for A+ Content within the A+ Content Manager.

Guidelines & Requirements for A+ Content

As always, your best bet to getting the most up-to-date requirements for your A+ Content is to go to their site. This process and these terms are constantly being adjusted, so staying on top of the most recent terms as set out by Amazon is crucial. You can find their official guidelines here.

Here are some of the most important guidelines and requirements to consider for your content:

  • A+ Content is not indexed on Amazon and will not improve ranking within the site itself. However, it may be indexed on search engines which can still drive more traffic to your listing.
  • If your product is also sold by other vendors, you will pay more for your content.
  • You will only be able to make changes within the first 2 days after publishing your A+ content.
  • All your content and images should be unique to your A+ Content (don’t reuse content).
  • Keep your content free from errors. Use a native English speaker to write your content and don’t rely on translations.
  • Don’t mention competitors or other Amazon products.
  • Your content should highlight the main problem your product is solving for your customers. Don’t focus on random features but on the main selling point of your product.
  • You should use a variety of HD images and optimized text. Try to keep it balanced and don’t overdo the text.
  • Abide by Amazon’s specific image guidelines (link above). This can change based on what module you are using so be sure to keep everything in line with their guidelines.
  • Maintain your brand image across all A+ Content designs. Don’t create a collection of individual A+ Content listings, rather create pages that harmonize well together. Don’t lose your branding! 
  • Use reviews to get an idea of what to highlight in your content.
Example of A+ Content made by EcomHub.

Again, be sure to review all of Amazon’s most up to date guidelines in addition to the suggestions above to ensure that your modules don't get rejected. 


A+ Content is a great way to take your product listings to the next level, increase conversions, and start building trust with your customers and potential customers. Getting your modules up is not difficult at all, and the only requirement is being a sponsored brand. If you need help designing your A+ modules, you can contact our team to get started with professional, custom-made modules sure to convert.

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How to Create A+ Content on Amazon Seller Central

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