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Does FBA Increase Sales?
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Learn How Amazon FBA Can Boost Your Sales in 2021.

7 Ways to Seriously Boost Your Amazon Sales Using FBA

Does FBA Increase Sales?
Julia Grant

August 28, 2021

Does FBA Increase Sales on Amazon?

Have you been thinking about making the switch to FBA, but you’re not sure if it will really pay off? I’m here to give you that final push. Make the change, FBA will radically transform your Amazon store increase your amazon sales.

The reason why FBA is assuring you more sales than anything else is that, with FBA, your products are listed with Prime shipping. This will show up for customers who are looking for products with Prime shipping.

Having this available will increase your chances of selling since it’s an assurance to customers that they will get their items quickly.


Here’s What You Can Expect From FBA:

You can send all your inventory to Amazon and they will warehouse it for you. Any future orders will be sent directly from their facility, saving you time and money.

Once the goods are in stock, Amazon Prime members get FREE 2-day shipping on every order. Amazon handles everything in regards to customer service, returns and refunds.

More sales = more positive reviews for your products. You can trust that Amazon will do their best when it comes down to customer satisfaction. You can decrease the shipping costs with Amazon FBA.

Using FBA Will Likely Increase Your Sales

Choosing to have your product fulfilled by Amazon will help you rank better in the search page and ultimately sell more products. Why? Because Amazon succeeds when you succeed.

If the graph of your sales on amazon is increasing, this will help you rank higher on the search page and boost amazon sales.

They reward sellers who give their customers what they want. There are almost 150 million Amazon Prime Users in the U.S. in 2021. This is Amazon’s core customer base - and who they are looking to please the most. These committed buyers are looking for a few key things.

Bar graph showing the rise in Amazon subscriptions as of Q4 2014 until Q1 2021, starting at 40 million and ending at 147 million.
Source: Statista

Prime shoppers want to:

  • Have free shipping
  • Get their products in 1-2 days
  • Buy trustworthy, Amazon endorsed products

What Prime shoppers don’t want is to deal with shipping charges, long fulfillment time frames, sketchy third-party sellers, and products that take work to buy.

When you use Amazon FBA, you become exactly the type of seller that Prime members looking for. Your products become Prime Shipping eligible, they are fulfilled quickly, and they are more likely to be chosen for things like “Amazon’s choice” and to receive a buy box for quick purchasing.

This means the algorithms are going to favor you and more shoppers are going to favor you too. If your product is Prime fulfilled and professionally optimized, shoppers are likely to forget that you’re not an “official” Amazon brand.

Speaking as a professional Amazon Prime shopper (my credit card statement can attest), we really don’t care what your business name is, as long as Amazon has stamped their seal of approval on your product. 

GIF of a man giving 2 thumbs up.
Source: Giphy

For most of us? All that means is we want to see that we get free Prime shipping. Using Amazon FBA will ensure that all your products can be fulfilled by Amazon quickly and with free shipping for Prime Members. 

Boosting sales is the biggest dream of most Amazon sellers. Everyone wants to know if Amazon FBA can increase sales on amazon.

So - YES! Using FBA will boost sales and likely boost you in the algorithm as well (since your product is now more likely to perform well, and Amazon likes that!). 

FBA Also Includes More Fees

The downside to using FBA is that you now have some new fees to take care of. There is a base fee for the Professional Amazon Seller Central Account, and additional fees per product processed and for storage space. These fees depend on the size and weight of your product.

Your standard Professional Amazon Account charge is $39.99, and will remain the same no matter how many products you sell.

There is an individual account membership, however, this option is not the best for scaling your business since you’ll be charged $1 per item sold. Hopefully, your aspirations are larger than selling 40 items per month. 

You can check out the FBA fee charts below, or visit Amazon’s FBA pricing page for more details. These numbers can change throughout the year, so always reference their site first.

You’ll notice that storage fees go up during the Holiday season - which accommodates the massive influx of shoppers storing their products at Amazon warehouses.

Breakdown of FBA storage fees as per Amazon's website.
Source : Amazon

FBA fees from Amazon's site for non-apparel items.
Source: Amazon

Even though there are fees associated with Amazon FBA, you are saving time, money, and storage that you would otherwise have to take care of on your own.

If you own a larger business and previously needed employees to handle shipping, you’ll also be saving on wages. All in all, these fees are worth it and will easily be offset by the increased sales and awareness that Fulfillment by Amazon offers.

For more info on fees, check out this helpful video!

FBA Alone Can’t Boost Your Sales Numbers Long-Term

While we are huge advocates for Amazon FBA, having your product fulfilled by Amazon is not enough to scale your business long-term.

You will see a fairly immediate boost in sales on amazon as Amazon prioritizes your product listings and rewards you for using their service, but that boost can’t carry you toward long-term success.

To increase sales on amazon order to keep that boost in sales, you need to stay active on Amazon.

You also need to build up your own brand name, do complete keyword research, use relevant keywords run sponsored products facebook ads, continue marketing your product on other social media channels, so that people can still purchase it even if they don’t want Prime shipping or are too far away from an FBA warehouse.

By running ads on social media channels you can get more potential customers and increase your product sales. Then you will be able to get more reviews as well.

You need to write quality product descriptions with helpful bullet points in that, you need to do some digital marketing tasks to reach high on the search results page and to get more customers. Without being on the top of the search results you can't increase sales.

In other words, sending your product to an Amazon warehouse is not a viable marketing strategy. Is it one step toward a thriving storefront? Of course! But you need more than that to get off the ground floor and keep building and gain sales.

Some other things to consider before jumping into Amazon FBA:

Before starting Amazon FBA, thoroughly research your product. Not only will this help you determine if the product will sell on Amazon, but it can also save you money down the road.

People may search for your product with different keywords than what you were originally selling it under. For example, someone who might be searching for the most expensive version of your product might not be the same as the cheapest one. Make sure you are always showcasing what people are searching for instead of what you want to sell them.

More things to consider before committing to Amazon FBA. Have I done quality market research on this product? Is my listing optimized in every way Do I have quality white background photos on my listing? Does my listing have crisp, clean copy (no translation errors)?  Do I have helpful infographics on my page? Do I have a budget for sponsored products and advertisements?

If you haven’t asked or answered these questions, odds are that using FBA won’t do anything for you. FBA is a tool that can be used to boost your product and push you toward success - if you’ve done the research and are doing the hard work of creating quality product listings.

Market research allows you to discover the target audience and also target the market where you can sell the most. Then you need to optimize your Amazon listings.

Optimization of Amazon listings is the best process to upgrade your product to get more search visibility, which will help you get more product reviews to generate more sales.

You also need to use high-quality images for your listings to make them catchy to the potential buyers.

This can be overwhelming for anyone, so don’t be afraid to get advice from experts along the way who have already done this successfully.

Our Amazon FBA Academy helps aspiring Amazon Sellers master the art of selling on Amazon so they can build, launch, and scale their businesses.

If you’re interested in learning how to be profitable with Amazon FBA - check out our website or schedule a call. We’d love to help you get there!

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Does FBA Increase Sales?

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