Professional Keyword Research & Optimized Copywriting

Utilizing Amazon SEO is vital to your success as an Amazon seller. Having optimized listings is the best way to get your products on the first page of search results. Our team of expert copywriters and researchers can make your listings stand out and start top ranking - fast.
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We Optimize Your Listing From Top To Bottom

We take care of every aspect of your Amazon listing to ensure you are top ranking in your field. Our expert market researchers develop your copy to hit all relevant keywords and draw in your ideal customer.



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Backend Keywords

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How Do We Perform
Our Research?

We take into consideration every detail when generating our keyword research, including

Your Target Audience

Top Competition

Your Marketplace

Search Term Variations

Related Terms

And More

Our team has been performing this keyword research for over 5 years to build our own Amazon stores - and we trust them to do the same for yours! We use state of the art research tools that aren’t available to everyone to get you the best research you can find at an affordable price.


The Results

With increased organic traffic, your listings will exponentially improve. As your Amazon ranking increases, your conversion rate soars, and your ads become even more effective. Together - this means more sales, less money spent on advertising, and maximized profits.

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Get Organic Traffic

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Boost Your Ranking

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Increase Conversations

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Maximize Your Ads

How It Works

Our process is simple, but detailed. We perform in depth research to find exactly what your listings need to succeed, and implement this research into optimized copy that sells.


Professional Keyword Research

Before our team even begins to write your copy, we get to know your product and the marketplace surrounding it. Our team has access to tools that allow us to analyze keyword research specific to Amazon, but also outside of Amazon.


Optimized, Natural Copywriting

All of your listing copywriting will be completed by by a native English speaker who creates perfectly optimized copy with a natural feel to it. No translations or awkward copy - we pride ourselves on offering engaging, creative SEO copy.


Quality Control & Review

Your copy goes through a detailed proofing, editing, and triple checking process to ensure that every piece of your listing is Amazon ready. In addition, you will receive all you need to perform split testing and verify our results.


“Do you have a money back guarantee?”
Yes. If you do not see an improvement in your ranking within 1 month, we will offer you your money back.
"How long does it take to deliver my optimized listing?"
You should receive your final product within 1 week of delivering your assets to EcomHub.
"What tools do you use to perform your keyword research?"
We use a combination of professional research tools including Helium10 & DataDive.
"How long does it take to see changes in my search results?"
Every listing is different! We can’t guarantee how long it will take to see results - but we do know that optimized copy does breed results.
“Why do I need optimized copy?”
There are millions (and millions) of products on Amazon. You are selling on an incredibly competitive marketplace. To get your product ahead of your competitors, you need copy that will rank well for the real search terms your customers are using. That’s where optimized copy comes in, and where we do our best work to make you rank well.
“What do I need to purchase optimized copy?”
You will need an active Seller Central Account, and to have product details/images handy so we can perform our keyword research.
“What if I need help after you deliver my copy?”
We will work with you 100% of the way to ensure that you have what you need. If you have issues with your listing after we have already updated your copy, please contact us so we can ensure everything is running well for you!