Amazon Landing Pages to Capture Your Audience

Send your customers to the right place with landing pages
to catch all your external (and internal) ad traffic.
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Why Do I Need An
Additional Storefront?

Whether you are using brand ads on Amazon or sponsored content on social media, you want your leads to land somewhere clear, concise, and direct to maximize conversions. Having a unique, custom made landing page for this purpose can set you apart and help your audience immediately connect in the way you’re hoping they will.

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Check out some of our Amazon Storefront content for previous clients.

What You Get

Custom Amazon Storefronts by EcomHub are professionally designed, researched, and executed to afford you the perfect landing spot for all your customers.

We Built It All For You

Our team will build an entire new storefront for your Amazon store - and we’ll set it up too!

Create A Landing Space
For External Traffic

Your new tab will be the perfect place to catch external traffic without confusing them.

Direct Ad Clicks From
Amazon More Easily

This page will work with sponsored brand content and allow you to direct Amazon Ads more  easily.

Stand Out

Not every Amazon store is using this feature - stand out by making your brand shine.


"Do you have a money back guarantee?"
Once we have set up your new storefront, we do not accept returns. However, we will work with you to help address any issues that may arise along the way.
"How long does it take to get my content?"
Your page will be updated within 5 days of receiving your request.
"What do you need from me?"
In order to start making your storefront, we need your ASIN(s), current Amazon store details, website details, and examples of any other websites you like. The more vision that you have for your landing pages, the better we’ll be able to execute that vision.
"Are your storefronts completely compatible with Amazon’s requirements?"
Yes! We abide by all of Amazon’s requirements to ensure you are able to use your new storefront without delay and without issues.
"Who can use an Amazon storefront?"
In order to use an Amazon storefront landing page, you must be a registered brand on Amazon. This means that you will need to have all your items trademarked and have applied for brand registry.
"Why use an Amazon storefront page?"
These pages boost conversions by more simply directing your customers to a specific page or offering, rather than having them wade through everything you offer at once. It’s the best way to make sure that you have a custom designed landing space for your customers, uniquely created to get more sales from new leads.
"How quickly will my landing page start showing results?"
All products are different. We cannot guarantee a certain time frame in which you will see results - all listings have a varying level of competition. Products with more competition will take longer to see results.
"Why use a landing page?"
Landing pages help direct leads to a portion of your site that is less overwhelming than your general storefront. New customers are more likely to convert when they are clearly directed to a specific location with minimal options - that’s what we provide.
"Will this replace my original storefront?"
No. This will be an additional storefront that you can use as per your discretion to meet your marketing needs.