EcomHub Offices Around The Globe

Our goal at EcomHub has always been to provide the best resources to our clients - whether they are new entrepreneurs looking to start an Amazon business, or seasoned sellers in need of trustworthy solutions for their store. As we have grown, we’ve learned the value of having boots on the ground and maintaining a global mindset. That’s why our team of professionals is so diverse. Not only is our staff found all across the globe, but we now have our own sourcing office located in China. With our new sourcing office, we are able to personally find trustworthy suppliers, investigate the reliability of their facilities, maintain positive communication with Chinese manufacturers, and even evaluate samples and improve products. When you work with EcomHub, you work with a team that is committed to staying involved at every step of the process so you can get the best product out there.

Sourcing Image

Check out our new sourcing office and team in Shenzhen, China below!

shenzen, china

Shenzhen, China

chiwan port

Chiwan Port near the EcomHub office.

co-working office

Outside of our co-working office.

receptionist area

Receptionist area.

sourcing office

Outside of our sourcing co-working office.

inside sourcing office

Inside our sourcing office.

eh agents

EcomHub sourcing agents.