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Photography For Your Amazon Store

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What you Get

When you trust EcomHub to deliver your product photography, we provide high resolution, high performance images that will make your page look sharp and professional.

Beautiful Photos to Fit
Your Brand

Looking for white background, or something more colorful? Crisp and clean, or moody and fun? Whatever your brand’s style is, we can provide just the imagery you need.

Custom Specifications
Just For You

Selling on Amazon? Shopify? Etsy? Your own site? No matter what your store’s specs are, we’ll customize your photos exactly to your request.


E-commerce is competitive, and today’s shoppers are as judgemental as ever. Don’t judge a  book by it’s cover? Forget that. Everyone online is judging everything you offer by their first impression. No second chances when you’re selling online.

The first thing they see?
Your product photos.

That’s why they need to look less like THIS
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And more like THIS.
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Over 1,000+ Photos Provided

How To Get
Your Professional Product Photos


Send us Your Product

After placing your order online, you’ll receive step by step instructions from us on how to safely and securely ship us one of your items.


We Work Our Magic

Our team of professional photographers will shoot your item as per your instructions (white background, lifestyle, etc.) and use state of the art technology to add the perfect finishing touches.


You Review Our Work

Once you receive your photos, you review them to ensure you are pleased with the results. If for any reason there are any issues, we will reshoot and edit your photos once more as per your original instructions...


We Send You Photos - Fast

You’ll receive watermark free, high resolution copies of your photos along with all rights to both commercial and personal use. You are free to edit these photos to your liking and use them in any and all publications you so desire!

Why Can’t I Just Use
My Smartphone?

Ask yourself one important question - when you’re buying something online, are you likely to buy the one that looks like it’s being sold by a 30-something living in his parents’ basement taking pics with rigged up smartphone gear? Or are you likely to buy the product that looks crisp, clear, and professional?

We all know the answer here. In the age of smartphones and social media, everyone fancies themself a photographer. And your pictures may cut it for social media marketing - but they won’t cut it for your product listings.

If you want success in e-commerce, you have to do things right. Which means professional images for your listings. Get yours by ordering online today!

Speak With Our Specialists


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"Do you have a money back guarantee?"
Yes and no. Since you are reviewing all your photos before you get the final product - you’re welcome to end your order before you receive your images. However, if you approve your images, we will not refund your money after this point.
"How long does it take to get my photos?"
Photos will be sent to you within 3-5 days of our receipt of the product. If you have requested more detailed work like videography, animated graphics, or model shoots - this will require more time. Most imagery will be produced in under 1 week.
"Do you provide modeling for products that require a real model?"
Yes! Modeled shots do incur more charges (as we have to pay a model), but we highly recommend them as they add a personal touch to your brand.
"Will you create photos with background elements, or only white background?"
We will create photos with whatever colored background you desire. Each brand has a different goal with their imagery, and our goal is to express your brand’s identity clearly.
"Do you create product videos/GIFs?"
Yes! If you are looking for video content for your e-commerce store, you can find our video options here.
"My product requires shots at very specific angles. Can you take care of this?"
Yes! Please specify exactly what you’re looking for when you order your shots - and feel free to send us “rough images” taken with your smartphone or device that showcase what you’re looking for. We’ll make sure to get all the right angles.
"What dimensions will my photos be?"
Your photos will be 2000 by 2000 pixels and 300DPI (minimum). All images are square dimension to match Amazon’s listing requirements. If you require images in other dimensions, please feel free to inform us and we will get you images to the specs you need.
"How will you edit my photos?"
We will provide you with crisp white background photos that are color corrected to ensure a match to your actual product, and have all dust/scratches removed. We will include shadows/reflections to ensure your pictures are as realistic as possible. Your background will be as selected during your order process - white background, black background, lifestyle, or a custom fit. We use the best professional-grade photo editing software available and state of the art cameras to get you top-quality photos.
"What site will your photos work for?"
Our photos will work for whatever site you sell on. We pride ourselves on customizing our offerings to meet your needs - whether you’re selling on Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, your own website...or even a brick and mortar store. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll get it done. Our photos will meet your store's exact specifications, to ensure you don’t need to shrink, modify, or edit them in any way.