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What is Enhanced Brand Content (Now A+) On Amazon?

A+ content is the best way to grab your customer’s attention and start ranking on Amazon. This content includes professional product photography, optimized copywriting, and crisp infographics. Working in tandem, these three elements make your listings stand out.

Note: A+ Content was formally called “EBC” Content. This is now considered A+ content by Amazon.

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Check out some of our A+ content for previous clients.

What You Get

When you trust EcomHub to provide you with quality A+ content, you get graphics that deliver. Our state of the art modules will help you increase traffic and conversions and stand out as a reliable brand.

Boost Conversations

A+ Content is shown to increase conversion levels substantially - which means more profit and more exposure.

Get More Traffic

Amazon rewards customers who convert. As your A+ content helps you convert more, you’ll also see an increase in organic traffic.

Stand Out

Not every brand on Amazon is using A+ content - which means you get to be at the front of the pack.

How Does It Work

Our team studies your brand and abides by all Amazon A+ regulations to provide you with beautiful content that puts you in a whole new category of Amazon sellers.


Resource Sharing

You send us your files and page info.


Professional Graphic Design

We provide quality graphics and photos to supplement what you’ve sent.


Optimized Copywriting

Our team of copywriters works together with graphic designers to deliver a brilliant A+ page.


See Results

You start converting.

Stand Out With
Better Content

Amazon A+ material is proven to boost your sales and increase coversions

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Optimized Content

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Amazon Approved

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Ready To Use Modules


"What is Amazon A+ content?"
Amazon A+ content is specialized content for sponsored brands that enables you to create larger, more full scale advertisements that set you apart from other competitors. The combination of professional grade photos, copywriting, graphics, and more work together to create amazing results.
"What assets do you need from me?"
In order to create customized A+ content, we will need access to your listing, product details, and any 3D blueprints of your product. We will also need access to any logos you have in your possession (if you need help designing logos, you can get professional branding and logo help here). You may also need to send us a physical product so we can include photographs if you elect for photos instead of 3D rendered images.
"What will A+ content do for me?"
A+ content is proven to increase conversion rates, sometimes more than 10%! This content really sets you apart and sets your store up for success on Amazon.
"Does Amazon A+ content increase sales?"
Yes! Amazon A+ content is proven to increase conversion rates and therefore increase your sales. Not all brands have access to A+ content - which means those that do stick out and showcase quality not available to every seller.
"What will I receive with my content package?"
You will receive 3-4 A+ approved modules, all in 300 DPI resolution. If you elect for package 2, you will receive an additional X images. All images will be professionally crafted with crisp graphic design and your choice of 3D rendered images or photography.
"Do you have a money back guarantee?"
Once we have delivered the A+ content, we do not have a money back guarantee. However, we will work with you to resolve any issues you have or tweak things to your liking.
"How long does it take to get my content?"
Your content will typically be delivered between 3-7 days after we receive your information. The less core content you have to send over, the longer it will take us.
"Who can even use A+ Content?"
Only registered brands on Amazon can use A+ content. If you haven’t registered as a brand yet, we highly recommend it.
"Can’t I just use my normal product images as A+ content?"
No. A+ content must adhere to certain dimensions and guidelines - and you can actually get in trouble for using the same content for your general product photos and A+ content.