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How To Become A Product Tester For Amazon

Would you like to review products for Amazon? Here's our short guide to becoming an Amazon product tester.

How To Become A Product Tester For Amazon
Julia Grant

October 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you could start testing products for free on Amazon? Believe it or not, it’s relatively easy. Sellers are always looking for trustworthy individuals to provide them with honest feedback about their products - they are even willing to give you free products in exchange for your input. Ready to learn how? Keep reading 👇

Test Products for Amazon FBA: What You Need To Know

In 2023, you need more than just a copy-and-paste product to succeed. Generic white-labeled products don’t cut it anymore. Sellers need to develop their own unique angle to a winning product that will help them stand out in a highly saturated marketplace. A huge part of the creative process for any successful entrepreneur is feedback. That’s where product testers come in. 

Product testers provide sellers with input about their product so they can continue to improve their offering for the marketplace. Amazon sellers are always in need of honest product testers who can affirm their item or give them their thoughts on how they could bring this item to the next level.

Because of this, Amazon FBA sellers are always looking for trustworthy consumers who they can rely on in this process. This is why they sometimes come up with ideas like giveaway service, customers' coupon codes, free or discounted products, etc. Becoming a product tester is a great way to help out new sellers while simultaneously enjoying (and keeping) free products.

How Can I Become An Amazon Product Tester?

There are a few ways that you can become an Amazon product tester. If you want to get started, you have two options: you can use a third-party program to get partnered with sellers in need of testers or use the Amazon Vine program to review products directly on Amazon. Both of these are great options.

Our advice? Find a third-party program you can trust that will give you product testing opportunities without the hassle. The Amazon Vine Program is invite-only and can be difficult to get into. There are reliable programs out there that exist to partner new sellers with consumers just like you. Store owners provide a free product (100% yours to keep) in exchange for your helpful feedback. 

Becoming A Product Tester Without The Hassle

So how do you choose the best platform to find these product testing opportunities? You need to find something reputable and fair - where you can be sure you’ll get your rebate in a timely manner and that the vendor won’t harass you into leaving spammy reviews or giving exclusively positive feedback. 

Many of the ads you see asking for product testers are simply looking for ways to get around Amazon’s terms of service by asking for positive reviews in exchange for a free product - off the platform. This is not only unethical, but it violates Amazon’s review policy. You want to partner with an organization that abides by Amazon’s standards and maintains ethical practices.

Our favorite option? My Rebate Buddy! My Rebate Buddy allows you to receive product testing opportunities via a Telegram group. They connect you with new brands in need of honest feedback from people just like you - and you always receive a 100% rebate via PayPal after you’ve purchased the product. 

Signing up is easy!

Anyone who lives in the USA and has an Amazon Prime Account can apply. No SSN required! 

  1. Click here to join the My Rebate Buddy Telegram Group.
  2. Follow the instructions and apply to become a product tester by messaging the Amazon testers bot.
  3. Start receiving offers for 100% cash back!
  4. Give your honest, detailed feedback.

This is a simple way that anyone can start testing products while helping out a new Amazon seller. No need to spend months uploading reviews online and waiting for your invitation - and no spammy, questionable business tactics!

Using Amazon Vine

If you prefer to keep things within your Amazon account, you can always opt to become a reviewer with the Vine program.

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program for reviewers to help new sellers get recognized faster by providing comprehensive reviews in exchange for free stuff. This program is a valuable asset for sellers and reviewers alike - but it isn’t easy to join.

Amazon decides who to invite to this program based on which users provide the most helpful reviews. This is determined by evaluating the frequency of reviews, the type of products reviewed, the comprehensive nature of reviews, and how many upvotes your reviews receive.

Any Amazon Vine reviews are marked as such. Since Amazon is the one orchestrating everything, there is no direct relationship between the reviewer and the brand. This is a great way to ensure transparency.

An example of a Vine Customer Review.

All products that you receive through the Amazon Vine program are free items.

So how do you get invited to participate? You must become a top reviewer on Amazon.

Here are some tips to gain “top reviewer” status.

  • Review every purchase. The odds are that you already buy a lot from Amazon. Stop waiting for free stuff and just start leaving reviews, even for simple purchases.
  • Be concise when possible. You don't need to write an essay for every review. When there isn't much to say, keep it simple and concise.
  • Be descriptive when necessary. On the other hand, certain products require more comprehensive feedback. This is especially true of larger purchases.
  • List pros and cons. A surefire way to write a great review is to include a bullet point list of pros and cons for the item. Other buyers find these helpful and are likely to upvote these reviews!
  • Provide photos and videos. Take an unboxing video and include pictures of the product in use. Make sure to include your size if you are reviewing something in the apparel department.
  • Be specific. Tell shoppers precisely what you liked or didn't like about the item (this is where the pros and cons list can come in handy). Don’t leave generic reviews like “it was a nice product” or “I enjoyed my purchase.”
  • Review with buyers in mind. You are not trying to flatter the brand - you are trying to inform the next buyer. Consider any questions you may have had before buying this item and answer them in your review instead of waiting for free and discounted products.
  • Purchase and review new releases and top products. Another way to catch Amazon's attention is to check out the new release section of Amazon and purchase products there to leave reviews. You'll likely get upvotes here since there won't be many reviews. You should also review top products.
  • Pick a niche. You may want to become a trusted reviewer for one particular niche. Consider mindfully purchasing and reviewing new and/or popular products in one niche to do well here.

Amazon will typically only invite people to the Vine program with at least 100 reviews. So your best shot at getting an invite is to start reviewing now and start reviewing on Amazon review sites well. Then - wait for an invite!

As you can see, the process of becoming a Vine product reviewer is much more complex than using another service. For the average individual looking to get started as a product tester, there’s no better option than My Rebate Buddy!


Becoming a product tester is easier than ever before! For those who have achieved “top reviewer” status on Amazon, you may be invited to join the Amazon Vine Program. However, you can easily start testing products now without the hassle by using a program like My Rebate Buddy to help new sellers by providing valuable feedback for a 100% rebate. However you choose to start testing products, remember to leave quality reviews with honest feedback!

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How To Become A Product Tester For Amazon

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