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Increase Your Amazon Sales With A+ Content

Not sure if A+ Content is for you? Here's why we recommend using it to boost your brand.

Increase Your Amazon Sales With A+ Content
Julia Grant

March 10, 2022

There are many tools available to Amazon sellers and brand owners to help promote products and customize the shopping experience for potential customers. 

One of these tools is A+ Content (formerly EBC content). A+ Content allows brand registered sellers of Amazon brand registry (if you aren’t registered yet, make sure to do so here) to use a combination of high-quality images, video content, infographics, charts, and typography on their product listings for a higher level of professionalism and class. Why is A+ Content worth it for you? Let’s unpack it together.

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The Benefits Of Amazon A+ Content For Your Business

Amazon suggests that A+ Content can help you achieve higher conversion rates, more traffic, and more sales. 

An example of A+ Content produced by EcomHub.

What Are The Elements of A+ Content?

A+ Content allows you to tell your brand’s story while using customized images and text placements to get your listing a step above what is normally possible.

Amazon breaks up A+ Content into two main categories:

  • Enhanced Product Description
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

All of the perks associated with A+ Content fall into those areas. 

The goal of enhanced product descriptions is to allow sellers to provide more details on their products and product features and help customers visualize the bullet points available in the description, and see product images more in-depth. All of this extra content appears in your listing’s product description. 

These elements include:

  • Customizable image/text organization
  • Comparison charts
  • Custom headers and images
  • Bulleted feature listing
An example from Beats of a comparison chart within the product details.
Source: Amazon
An example of a custom image from a wireless earbud listing using A+ Content.
Source: Amazon

The goal of brand content is to invite customers into your brand story and approved brand catalog, showcasing your products and values along the way. Amazon enhanced brand content will appear on the Amazon detail page in the “from the brand” section. 

These elements include:

  • Image and text cards
  • Carousel displays (full screen available on desktop and mobile)
  • Link to the brand store.
An example of a carousel display provided by EcomHub.

All of this A+ Content seeks to preemptively answer your customers' questions and reel them in with high-quality imagery. The comparison charts can be particularly useful at upselling customers to a pricier item that your brand sells!

General Rules To Follow

As with all forms of content on Amazon, there are plenty of rules to follow to ensure your content is Amazon-approved. Rather than list them all here, I suggest you check out Amazon’s official A+ guidelines. These guidelines of the vendor central can change frequently and it’s better that you refer to the source, as it will be updated in real-time!

There are still some general rules to follow when creating this content, however.

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  • Make your A+ Content original. All images and text content should be different from your original listing content. You should be adding to your listing - not duplicating it.
  • Thoughtfully combine text and images. Great A+ Content uses a combination of text and images to most effectively showcase your product. Text descriptions of a given feature or element should be juxtaposed with relevant photo and image keywords.
  • Use a native English-speaking copywriter and proofreader. Real talk. I love to shop on Amazon - and I like to play a game called “find the bad translations.” It’s not hard to do. It’s essential that your text feels natural to an English reader and is free from typos. If this isn’t something you can achieve personally, rely on a native English-speaking copywriter to help you out. The beauty of your content won’t matter if it doesn’t make sense.
  • Be sure all symbols, pictures, and graphics are compatible. In addition to your text being free from errors, you want to ensure that all of your icons, symbols, and imagery are compatible and free from errors. Double and triple-check that you have no dead links and that no images have been replaced with the dreaded X box.
  • Keep it simple and easy to scan through. A+ Content should be minimalistic and easy for a reader to quickly scan through. Don’t get complicated, and don’t write a whole article. Short and sweet.
  • Highlight customers’ favorite features. As you’re making your A+ Content, check out customer reviews and highlight the features of your product that previous customers seemed to enjoy.
  • Answer existing customer questions. You can also reference existing customer questions to get an idea of what isn’t already clear from your listing. Go out of your way to answer these questions proactively.
An example of A+ Content produced by EcomHub.

A few things to note. A+ Content is available to all sponsored brands. There is a higher tier of this service called A++ Content or Premium A+ Content, and this is only available by invitation and has a much higher cost. Don’t consider jumping into this unless you are a developed seller with a high budget.

Additionally, you will have to choose which ASIN you would like to use A+ Content for. You can use as many ASINs as you want, but essentially have to set it up one at a time. Prioritize your high-performing listings or those that connect well with your brand as a whole.

Why A+ Content Helps Your Account

Amazon states that A+ Content will help you garner…

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • More Traffic
  • More Sales
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It’s not hard to understand why, but here are a few core reasons why A+ Content can help you achieve these three things.

  1. It Stands Out. Most listings do not take advantage of this content. When you add enhanced brand content, your product catches the customer’s eye and immediately makes a positive impression. That makes customers more likely to stay on your page and keep reading.
  1. Uses Tried and True Marketing Techniques. A+ Content allows brands to utilize their own color schemes, font choices, and branding design to create a cohesive look. These strategies are tried and true and have been used in both print and digital marketing for decades (because they are effective). You don’t have this (apart from listing images) with a traditional listing.
  1. A+ Content is Easy to Skim. The visual nature of A+ Content is easy to skim while still retaining all the information you need about a product. This makes it more likely that a customer will at least scan through the whole page and stop where they find most important to them.
  1. Protects Your Brand. Using this variety of content helps protect your brand by defining it so clearly for your customer. Seeing the professional layout of an A+ listing tells customers that your product is the real deal - and makes it harder for an unsponsored brand to hijack your item.
  1. Showcases Your Product in HD. Because of the highly image-driven nature of A+ content, customers can now see enhanced images of your product without needing to scroll through all your product images. 
  1. Creates More Informed Customers. A+ Content allows you to provide much more detail about your product and answer questions before they are even asked. This results in a much more educated customer base who is far less likely to return a product and therefore more likely to leave you positive reviews.
An example of A+ Content produced by EcomHub.


A+ Content is the perfect tool to start maximizing your conversions, getting more traffic, and hitting more sales. If you’re a registered brand - there’s no question! Now is the time to start taking your listings to the next level with A+ Content. Not sure where to start? Let our team of experts help.

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Increase Your Amazon Sales With A+ Content

Julia Grant

Julia Grant is a copywriter specializing in e-commerce and small business, helping businesses expand their reach with copy that clearly communicates their message and converts. She is a certified translator and interpreter and prides herself on providing culturally relevant content in both English and Spanish.

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