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What Are Amazon Product Video Ads?
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Considering trying Sponsored Video Ads on Amazon? Here's our introduction to using Amazon's video advertising.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads Guide

What Are Amazon Product Video Ads?
Julia Grant

February 22, 2022

As an Amazon seller, you should always be looking for the best way to promote your product and gain more customers. One way to set yourself apart and advertise better is by using video ads to draw your customers in. You can do this by using Amazon’s Sponsored Brand Videos - which enable you to take advantage of the rising popularity of video to reach more customers.

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How Do Amazon Video Ads Work?

Amazon vide ads are showcased to relevant product searches, and show up right on the search page. Customers can view your ad without needing to be on your store page and without needing to click on your actual listing! They are perfect for increasing conversion.

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Who Can Use Amazon Video Ads?

Amazon Video Ads are available for Registered Brands on Amazon! These ads are a variety of sponsored brand ads, and you will not be able to access them if you haven’t gone through Amazon’s Brand Registry Process. The good news is, this process is relatively simple and should be achievable for you as a seller.

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Becoming a Registered Brand

In order to become a Registered Brand on Amazon, you will first need a pending or active trademark for your brand. Amazon’s standards for this trademark are included below.

Eligibility requirements for Amazon Brand Registry as per their site.
Source: Amazon

You will use this trademark to apply for a brand registry - and your brand name must match the trademark logo. 

Once you have your eligible trademark, you will sign in to Amazon’s Brand Registry, and enroll your brand. Upon doing so, you can access many new features including:

  • A+ Content
  • Sponsored Brand Content
  • Amazon Storefronts
  • Brand Protection
  • Analytics
  • And more!

This will give you the ability to create sponsored brand videos as well.

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How To Set Up Your Video Ad

Setting up your Sponsored Video Ad is not difficult, and we’ll give you a rundown here. What will take more time than setting up the logistics is creating the actual content (full breakdown on creating a stellar Amazon Video Ad in our article here).

To set up your ad campaign, you will first visit the Ad Campaign portion of your Amazon account.

When you create a new campaign, select the video option, and then choose which item you will be advertising.

An image showing the process of posting an Amazon video Ad via Seller Central.

You can then upload your video and check to ensure the preview is user-friendly and meets all of Amazon’s video requirements.

The rest should be very familiar - you’ll set the keywords to apply to your video and the appropriate bid amount for each keyword. Be sure to utilize proper SEO research before deciding which words to use and how to best bid on them!

An image showing the process of posting an Amazon video Ad via Seller Central.

Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you’ll submit your video ad for review. It should be approved within 72 hours (though often it is approved beforehand).

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How Much Does It Cost To Run a Product Video Ad?

How much you spend on your video ads is completely up to you. Because this is a bid-based advertisement, you decide how much you’re willing to pay per click, and you set your budget. If you have a product with relatively low-level competition - you won’t need quite as big of a budget. But if you are selling something in a highly saturated market, I would consider setting aside a larger budget for these ads.  

Consider what you are willing to pay per conversion - and build your budget accordingly. How much is one new customer worth to you? Not idealistically, practically. Considering the cost of your item and your profit, how much can you practically afford to spend on gaining one new customer? This should inform your bid amount.

Who Will See My Ad?

Your ad will be showcased on relevant Amazon searches that utilize the keywords you have set in your campaign settings. Here is an example of a Sponsored Brand Video Ad for the search term “dog accessories.”

Example of a video ad on a desktop search result for "dog accessories".

All video ads contain 3 main areas:

  • Product details. This includes the price, shipping details, title, listing photo, and ratings. 
  • Product video. This includes the main video.
  • Mute button. This is at the bottom right of the video, and will naturally be on mute when the video starts playing.

Anyone searching for items like yours could see your video ad, both on a desktop search and on a mobile app search.

It is important to note that all videos start on mute, and it’s likely the majority of your viewers will not turn on the audio. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that you have text overlay on your video and that you don’t rely on audio to get your message across. Using royalty-free music in your video content just in case they choose to turn on the audio is a great idea, but it’s not wise to spend a ton of money on voiceovers. Rather, let the video speak for itself.

There are specific guidelines you’ll need to follow when making your Amazon sponsored video ad (see below) - we recommend visiting Amazon’s page here to ensure your standards are up to date!

Amazon's video and audio specification requirements for video ads.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It To Use Video Ads on Amazon?

It is 100% worth it to use sponsored brands video ads on Amazon! Sponsored Brands Video ad is still largely untapped on Amazon, and have a lot of room for growth. Customers are used to seeing standard sponsored products and banner ads - the sponsored brand video ads stand out more. They grab your customers’ attention and are able to showcase multiple products in a very short amount of time, with no scrolling or clicking required from the customer. These videos increase conversions and help you make an impression on new customers. Need help getting your videos created? Our team of professionals can help.

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What Are Amazon Product Video Ads?

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