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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Are you taking full advantage of all the advertising opportunities on Amazon? Get your Amazon Sponsored Display Ads set up now to start reaching more customers!

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Sponsored Display Ads
Julia Grant

December 29, 2022

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are a great way to increase visibility for your product - on and off Amazon. They are cost-effective and can be customized to target specific audiences. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about Amazon Sponsored Display Ads so that you can make the most of them for your store.

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What are Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, And How To Set Them Up

Amazon Sponsored Display campaign is a powerful, cost-efficient tool for Amazon sellers looking to boost product visibility. These product display ads allow you to target Amazon shoppers and drive powerful ad traffic to your product listings - they even allow you to benefit from customers on external sites.

Sponsored Display Ads can appear in some of the same locations as other sponsored brands ads on Amazon and are easily confused with Sponsored Products. There are two major differences, however.

Amazon Ads showcases the benefits of Sponsored Display Ads.

First, Sponsored Display Ads do not target keywords. Rather, they target customers based on information pertaining to each individual customer's interests and previous shopping behavior. This is the next level of automation - Amazon learns shopper behavior and matches them with display ads based on that behavior.

Second, Display Ads can appear on and off of Amazon. This is one of the reasons these ads are a must-have for FBA sellers. They allow you to expand your reach to third-party websites as well, which results in more impressions than the average PPC campaign can on Amazon.

In order to use Sponsored Display Ads, you must be registered in Amazon's Brand Registry program.

Amazon Brand Registry Logo.

You can choose how you would like to target customers with these ads - this is the main differentiating factor between ad campaigns.

How To Target Your Amazon Product Display Ad

The setup process for these ads is relatively easy. Before you start, you'll want to decide how you would like to target your audience. You can do this either by product targeting or audience targeting.

Product Targeting

This is the simplest method of targeting for Amazon Display Ads. Within this method, you can choose to use a product or category tactic.

The product strategy promotes your product to shoppers who are already looking for your products or similar products on Amazon. This is a great way to boost conversions. You've had this happen to you before.

One day you were looking up that pair of headphones you certainly don't need but also certainly want. You used all the self-control you had not to buy them and then saw an ad for them the next morning while browsing online. Boom - self-control defeated, purchase made.

The other strategy is using categories. This targets shoppers browsing in categories relevant to your product. This is helpful for reaching a broader net of customers.

Audience Targeting

The second way you can set up your campaign is by using audience targeting. You can do this with a custom-built audience or an Amazon pre-built audience. 

You can tweak your custom-built audiences to focus on some combination of remarking to customers who have already purchased from you, have already viewed your product detail page without purchasing them, or have been browsing products in a given category. You are able to adjust the period of time from which this data is taken to further customize the audience in question.

Alternatively, you can use Amazon's audiences. Their audiences are:

  • Lifestyle-based
  • Interest-based
  • Life-event based

Using cookies and other available data, Amazon is able to determine what kind of person will appreciate your product - based on their lifestyle, interests, or experienced life events. You can choose either of these categories when picking your display ad targeting strategy.

Setting Up Your Amazon Sponsored Display Ad

Setting up your first Sponsored Display Ad is easy! Follow these 8 simple steps to create sponsored display ads.

  1. First, log in to Seller Central. Access the marketing navigation panel, and create a new campaign.
  1. Choose "Sponsored Display Ad" from the ad choices.
Choose "Sponsored Display" when creating your advertising campaign.
  1. Enter your campaign details. Include a detailed name, a start, and end date, and a daily budget/ad spend. Aim on the higher side with this budget to start - you want to get exposure as soon as possible and ensure your ads can show all day long.
  1. Choose your targeting strategy. Not sure which strategy is best for you? You can access Amazon's complete guide here - or chat with one of our Amazon experts for some advice.
Choose your targeting method when creating your Sponsored Display Ad.
  1. Pick your product(s). Amazon will show you which products are eligible for this form of advertisement.
  1. Choose a bid. You will choose this number based on how much you're willing to pay per click.
  1. Insert graphics. You are allowed to insert your own graphics or allow Amazon to choose for you from the graphics and details already on your listing. However, Amazon will pick whichever images they deem most likely to convert out of whatever they have available.
  1. Launch your campaign - keep tweaking as you go! That's it! Amazon will now place these ads wherever they believe will get you the most conversions according to your targeting strategy. You can keep coming in and adjusting your strategy as time goes on, based on your advertising reports for this campaign.

A note of caution: when it comes to advertising on Amazon, variety is always your best bet. Don't solely rely on any one form of advertising. You want to use a combination of methods, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display Ads, and Sponsored Brand Ads. Consider scheduling an appointment with one of our Amazon FBA coaches if you'd like some guidance in putting together your marketing strategy!


Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are a great way to get noticed by shoppers on Amazon. With their sophisticated targeting strategy, you can choose your sponsored display audiences and customize the ads further to ensure they will be seen by the right people. Use this guide as a starting point - you'll be on the path to success soon!

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

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