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How To Create A Great Logo For Your Amazon Business

Do you have a logo for your Amazon business? If not, you need one! Here's why.

How To Create A Great Logo For Your Amazon Business
Julia Grant

March 10, 2022

Every Amazon business should have a logo - and that logo should be everywhere. Your customers should be able to recognize you by your logo and look for it in the future for new purchases. Don’t have a logo yet? Keep reading.

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The Importance and Process of Amazon Product Logo Design 

Branding is an essential aspect to all businesses - especially those that run on large marketplace platforms where the competition is endless.

The only way to ensure that your customers remember your product and keep coming back to you (not the other 500 sellers providing something similar) is you hook them with your branding. 

Now, logo and branding are not entirely the same thing. Logo design is simply one aspect of branding, but for more on that, you can visit our more in-depth article here.

Before you can even get started with your logo, you should have a name for your business that is catchy, short, applicable to your offerings, and easy to remember. Check that the name you choose is not being used for another business and that nothing inappropriate or cringe comes up on a Google search for that name.

Once you have your name all figured out, you can get started on logo design. 

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Qualities Of A Great Logo

Logos are intended to be clear, simple, and easy to recognize symbols of your brand identity. 

Example of a logo that EcomHub has produced.

For that reason, all logos should be:

  1. Minimalistic. Your logo should be simple in both design and color. You want customers to easily recognize your logo - which means using as few complicated elements as possible. The less colors the better to keep the main thing the main thing.
  1. Impactful. You don’t want customers to forget your logo. Make the new logo bold, impactful, and easy to remember so that previous customers can recognize your logo in the future.
  1. Relevant. A logo design should reflect the style of the niche of any given brand. Be sure to use symbols and tones that are relevant to the kind of products your company creates. 
  1. Adaptable. Your logo should be able to be placed on any piece of marketing - whether digital or print. Make sure it is simple, and that you can adjust the color scheme dark or light (to adjust for the background available to you on any given marketing medium).
  1. Scalable. Get a high-quality, high resolution image that can be easily scaled and adjusted for smaller or larger projects. Maintaining the vectors of your design can be helpful in ensuring the scalability of your logo.

How To Get A Logo

Most people do not have the graphic design skill necessary to create their own logo without any assistance. It is not as easy as it looks! If you’re not a 21st century digital Picasso, you can use any of these resources to find freelancers who will help create a logo for you.

Any of these sites can be used to get a simple, crisp logo. The downside to relying on a platform such as this is that you only get a logo. You may be better off working with someone who is skilled specifically in e-commerce and can provide you with complete branding solutions.

Example of a logo that EcomHub has produced.

If you do have some skill in graphic design, you may be able to make your own logo fairly easily. In order to do so, your best bet will be to have an Adobe account where you can access tools like Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator will provide you with the most flexibility, though is admittedly harder to use.

Some other tools you may consider include:

  • Affinity Designer. This is a great tool for Mac - but will take some getting used to if you’re coming from Adobe.
  • SketchApp. Another helpful design tool for Mac.
  • Logo Makr. A free site for designing modern logos. Note - you will have to pay for HD downloads.
  • Hatchful Logo Maker. Partnered with shopify but works for any brand.
  • Vectr. This is actually a pretty powerful online vector based (just like Illustrator) editor.
  • Logo Crisp. Less impressive than Logo Makr but still has some great features.
  • Tailor Brands. Fun, AI based logo generator.
Example of a logo we designed quickly on LogoMakr.
This is a logo we made quickly with Logo Makr - note that getting an HD logo from this site requires a subscription.

There are some other free editing software out there (SVG, Gimp, Inkscape) and free online logo maker or logo creator, and free logo generator, but personally, I would recommend using one of the above.

Before you actually get started designing your own custom logo or business logo, be sure to spend some time doing market research and evaluating the style of logos that you like and dislike, and what common themes you see among logos in your field. If you are paying someone for the service of logo creation, be honest about your feedback. Designers need to know what it is you’re looking for and how you want your brand to be represented to get you the best product. 

For example, think about the Amazon brand, earth's biggest bookstore but Amazon's logo is quite the polar of what the logo of an online bookstore might look like in your mind. But through the Amazon logo design evolution things have changed a lot compared to the logo introduced initially. We can only imagine the number of feedbacks given by Jeff Bezos to the design team. So you should also express your honest opinions about your brand assets until it satisfies you.

Example of a logo that EcomHub has produced.


Logos are an essential part of any business, whether they are online or brick and mortar. Being an Amazon seller with a seemingly infinite level of competition, creating a great logo is the best way to ensure that your identity sticks in the minds of your customers. Did you know that EcomHub offers comprehensive logo and branding solutions? Check it out and let us know how we can help build your brand.

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How To Create A Great Logo For Your Amazon Business

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