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Amazon A/B Testing: Step-by-Step Guide of Split Testing

Split testing is a powerful way to maximize your conversions and make more sales on Amazon. Learn how to take advantage of the newest tools on Amazon to help you A/B test your listings.

Amazon A/B Testing: Step-by-Step Guide of Split Testing
Julia Grant

December 31, 2022

Amazon A/B testing is a process by which Amazon sellers can test different versions of their product listing to determine which one performs better. This process is also known as split testing. In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up your first Amazon A/B test campaign.

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Amazon A/B Testing: Make All Of Your Marketing Efforts Count

Today's e-commerce industry is competitive and oversaturated. It's not always easy to increase your conversion rate and make your listing stand out in the crowd. Luckily, Amazon has been adding new features to help sellers figure out exactly what they need to achieve these goals.

Split testing is not a new concept - marketers have consistently relied on this strategy to tease out which materials, slogans, graphics, and advertising schemes most effectively get out their message.

E-commerce sellers use split testing to see which PPC campaigns will work best for them by creating two similar (but slightly different) campaigns and determining which one garners the best results.

Now, Amazon sellers can use split testing in an exciting way by testing two versions of their product listings. This opens new opportunities for sellers looking to maximize their rank, decrease their ad spend, and boost their sales.

How To Set Up Amazon Split Testing

It used to be more complicated to A/B test a product on Amazon - but new features have made it easier than ever. Amazon recently released the "Manage Your Experiments" tool for anyone enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

This tool allows you to have two versions of the same listing live at the same time, while Amazon automatically splits up shoppers who view your product into two groups. Amazon will run your campaign for a period of 4-10 weeks and collect the important data for you, so you can make a decision about which listing to keep based on your experiment.

You can adjust the following portions of your listing within the Amazon A/B testing feature of "Manage Your Experiments."

  • Product Title
  • Images
  • A+ Content
  • Bullet Points
  • Product Description

Setting up your campaign is easy.

First, log in to Seller Central. Scroll over to the "Brands" tab in the Navigation Panel. Choose "Manage Experiments" from the dropdown.

The Manage Experiments tab in Seller Central.

You can find up-to-date guides by Amazon within this "Manage Experiments" tab. Before starting your first experiment, you may want to visit these guides, since Amazon is always adjusting their products with new features and updates.

The Experiments Learning Center

When you're ready to start your first Amazon split testing experiment, click "Create A New Experiment" under "Manage Your Experiments."

Create a new experiment.

You will see the option to edit your listing according to A+ Content, Product Title, and other features.

Choose which elements you would like to adjust for version B of the test and select which ASIN you would like to test.

Then, enter your version B details.

Add your version B listing details.

Before you start entering in information, take time to perform the same level of quality research you did when you made your listing the first time.

You want to have two excellent and research-backed listings to compare - not one that was created on the fly and one that you spent weeks developing to perfection.

Put the same amount of effort into your version B listing!

Be sure to leave this campaign running for about 8-10 weeks - the longer it runs, the more comprehensive Amazon's data will be for you.

Hit "Schedule Experiment" when you're ready! Now, Amazon will showcase your Version A (original) and Version B (new) listings to customers and help you determine what elements are working for you and which ones are not.

Viewing Your Amazon Split Testing Results

With the MYE tool, you do not have to manually interpret your own data anymore. Right within the "Manage Your Experiments" center of your Seller Central Account, you can see which campaign achieved the best results based on conversion rate, units sold, total sales, and the sample audience size.

From there, all you have to do is click "Publish Content" and select the winning listing to make live for all your shoppers.

Publish the winning version of your listing.

This is a process you can (and should) repeat to continually improve your listing and keep it fresh! The MYE tool makes A/B testing products on Amazon easier than ever. If you're not already enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry - now is the time. This tool is only accessible to registered brands!


Amazon A/B testing is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers to maximize their sales and optimize their listings. With the Manage Your Experiments (MYE) tool, Amazon has made split testing easy and accessible for anyone enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Overwhelmed? Our Amazon Experts are standing by, ready to help!

Note: Access the official Amazon walkthrough of MYE here!

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Amazon A/B Testing: Step-by-Step Guide of Split Testing

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