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New to EcomHub? Here's a peek behind the curtain - who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Everything About EcomHub

What is
Julia Grant

January 16, 2023

What is is the go-to source of e-commerce expertise for new online entrepreneurs and investors. We offer training for those looking to operate their own Amazon stores, including a VIP experience where a personal coach helps you accomplish your goals hands-on. For existing stores looking to offload some of their administrative and backend work, our agency offers streamlined support so you can focus on building the next big thing.

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Why We Exist

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry, and it’s projected to keep growing in the next few years. You sell products online and get money. The biggest name in e-commerce right now is undoubtedly Amazon, which has accounted for about 50% of all global online sales this past year. It’s become more of a search engine than an online store - providing opportunities for small businesses to get their product out to an audience they would otherwise never have the opportunity to reach.

Graph showing the growing percentage of online sales conducted on Amazon, peaking at  50% in 2021.

This provides new opportunities for those looking to launch their own business and start earning money. Previously, this would have to be done by building your own website and creating a unique marketing plan and sales plan around your product to gain exposure. Now, you can become successful in e-commerce if you simply have an understanding of how Amazon works and how to get your listing on the first page of an Amazon search and sell. 

This is, of course, easier said than done. Lots of new entrepreneurs enter the online business trying to provide services or become product sellers with little to no experience and no idea how to handle the ins and outs of Amazon selling. Importantly, they don’t know how to perform quality market research, optimize their SEO, create a quality brand, protect themselves from hijackers, and professionally deal with inventory and storage. These things are not difficult once you understand how they work - but it certainly can be difficult to gain that understanding.

That’s where we come in. We truly believe that anyone willing to put in the work can find success for their brand selling on Amazon if they gain that understanding. So we compiled all our expertise into a personalized online training program filled with invaluable resources and the knowledge that has helped our team build their own profitable stores. 

EcomHub aims to equip new entrepreneurs with all the tools they need for success, give investors opportunities to build wealth in a high yield, secure industry, and empower existing businesses to take their next steps by providing expert-level account management.

Our Story

EcomHub was founded in 2018 by David Zaleski after years of successful online entrepreneurship. David started selling on eBay before Amazon became the central e-commerce hub it is now - and quickly jumped to selling on Amazon with less than $5,000 in start-up capital. He quickly grew his first business to over $5 million in sales and gained momentum as a source of knowledge and expertise in the industry. 

Timeline of EcomHub's story, beginning with David investing $5,000 into his new business and ending with Amazon FBA Academy launching in 2020.

As David keyed into the elements of a successful Amazon store, he began sharing his own formula for success with other up-and-coming entrepreneurs. This became the foundation for EcomHub, where David and his team help new e-commerce business owners to launch and scale their own stores successfully. He has helped 1000’s eager individuals get started on a solid foundation.

Our Offerings

So what does all this mean practically? Well, EcomHub has 3 main products that we offer to the proud entrepreneur and our users. 


Amazon FBA Academy

The Amazon FBA Academy is comprehensive training program for anyone interested in starting an FBA store. This is a course filled with one-on-one mentorship, hands-on training, and all the tools necessary for a new business owner to build, launch, and scale their own Amazon business. We teach our clients everything they need to know about starting a store on Amazon and help them to do so with personal guidance and tried and true formulas for success in their business. 

Amazon Startup Studio

Our Amazon Startup Studio is our investment option. This is the perfect option for investors who are looking to own a new business and gain the high yield profit an e-commerce store offers, without actually running it. We will collaborate on the product your company sells and some of the preliminary details, but it will be our job to take it from there. Essentially, you provide the startup capital, we run the business, and you reap the profits. 

EcomHub Agency

Our Agency is an option for those who already have an existing business and are looking to offload some of the nitty-gritty details to a group of professionals. Our store management is high value but affordable for growing businesses, and will help you to focus on building something new while maintaining your existing business professionally. 


Our Team

EcomHub is an international company with team members in over 5 countries. Because of this, we have a unique global perspective and utilize this as we work with brands all over the world. Our team of experts enjoys meeting the needs of committed users from many different countries and cultures!

Map of the globe with pin points in Ukraine, China, the Philippines, Canada, and the US. This is where our team is located.

How to Work With Us

If you’re interested in learning how you can partner with EcomHub and begin your successful business, the best way would be to schedule a call with one of our team members. They can explain each of our products in detail and help you discern which offering would be the best fit for you. You can also keep your eye out for local meetup events to network and grow in your understanding of e-commerce with a group of like-minded individuals!

Learn How To Build A Profitable Amazon Store
Stop putting off having your own profitable, thriving business backed by Amazon’s rapidly growing platform! Have our experts launch your store right alongside you.

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What is

Julia Grant

Julia Grant is a copywriter specializing in e-commerce and small business, helping businesses expand their reach with copy that clearly communicates their message and converts. She is a certified translator and interpreter and prides herself on providing culturally relevant content in both English and Spanish.

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