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Amazon 3D Rendering: 5 Ways to Boost Sales

Have you ever used 3D renders in your Amazon listings? Here's 5 reasons why you should.

Amazon 3D Rendering: 5 Ways to Boost Sales
Julia Grant

February 22, 2022

Are you considering ways to improve your Amazon listing images, but you’re not sure where to start? 3D renders are a great way to improve your listing quality and get one step ahead of the competition with out-of-this-world graphics and animations.

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How 3D Rendering Works for Your Products

3D rendering is done by taking a three-dimensional object (like your product) and creating photorealistic product images in 2D. This can be done by scanning a physical copy of the actual product or by using actual photos or stock photos to create renders of the product digitally. 

These images are used everywhere - in real estate, e-commerce, gaming, cinema, and more. They have recently made a surge in popularity among e-commerce sellers due to their crisp, clean, and dynamic nature. Here are 5 ways that you can boost sales by using 3D renders within your Amazon listing.

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5 Benefits of 3D Renders

1. Crisp Images With Less Hassle

 Example of a white background render provided by EcomHub, highlighting hanging tools.
Source: EcomHub Agency Solutions

Every Amazon listing needs a hero image - a professionally shot, white/transparent background photo that showcases your product’s main features. Typically, you either need to rent out a studio to get this done or pay a professional to shoot it for you. With 3D rendering, you can get this same image without the hassle of a studio. 

Simply take a shot of your product with your smartphone, send the main image to the designer (possibly along with source files and a copy of the product, depending on what they require), and let them get to work. Because this option requires less space and equipment, it is faster and less expensive. Especially if you were considering fronting the cost for all the photography equipment yourself. 

3D rendering provides you with smooth images that somehow appear more realistic than the actual thing, and all without the hassle of professional photography equipment.

2. Showcase All The Aspects Of Your Product

Example of an infographic using 3D renders provided by EcomHub, showcasing a sushi making kit.
Source: EcomHub Agency Solutions

3D rendering, especially involving animation, allows you to showcase parts of your product that might take endless shots and expensive equipment to photograph. You can get detailed images and animations of your product’s construction and finer elements without requiring macro shots and intense lighting. 

This can give your customer the ability to visualize more than just a screenshot of your product, but truly understand the product as a whole. Additionally, you can use 3D renders to create perfectly fluid and consistent infographics that detail the most important qualities of your product. Oftentimes 3D renders fit better within infographics than standard product photography as the designer has more freedom to create a consistent image.

3. Evoke an Emotional Response

 A lifestyle rendering EcomHub made for Upstart Epoxy.
Source: EcomHub Agency Solutions

The Metaverse is taking over, and it seems people prefer virtual reality to actual reality. Why is this? Well, people tend to be moved more by the emotional response an image or video creates in them than they are by its real-life experience. And photorealistic renders are able to produce this emotional response.

Somewhere between graphic design and photography, these images are art at their finest. They can draw your audience into the perfect scene and enable them to feel what it’s like to use your product. To feel what it’s like to get fit using your workout gear, to feel the warmth of a cup of coffee from your coffee maker as they get the kids ready for school, to feel the coziness of your sherpa blanket on Christmas morning. You get it - these images are surreal and truly grab your audience by the emotions. 

Photorealistic art reaches us on an emotional level that actual photography can’t always do with many projects. Using 3D renders in your Amazon listings takes advantage of this reality.

4. Showcase Variations

A variation render made by EcomHub showcasing two different colors of a product.
Source: EcomHub Agency Solutions

Another benefit of using 3D renders is being able to showcase all the lifestyle images and variations of your product without needing to send off all the variations for photos. With some slight editing, a graphic artist can showcase your product in all potential colors and even with other modifications. This can help boost conversions as customers can actually see what your product would look like with these modifications. This can also be helpful and an essential part of the variation listing images.

5. Give Your Customers The Total Experience

A 3D render of a stainless steel mug with spikes, created by EcomHub.
Source: EcomHub Agency Solutions

At the end of the day, 3D rendering (whether images or animations) create an experience for your customer to get drawn into. You can highlight every unique detail of your product in a realistic and stunning way that they won’t forget. You can help your customer visualize themself using your product with state-of-the-art animation. You can even take apart and analyze the details of your product and product photos with ease! 

All of this allows your target audience to get the total experience of your product - right there on the listing page. The more your customer can experience your product online, the more likely they are to buy what you are selling. 

Ready to Get Yours?

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Amazon 3D Rendering: 5 Ways to Boost Sales

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