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How to Sell on Amazon FBA in the UK in 2023

Selling on Amazon FBA in the UK allows you to take advantage of the entire European marketplace. Find out how to get started in our beginner's guide!

How to Sell on Amazon FBA in the UK in 2023
Julia Grant

September 21, 2022

Selling on Amazon FBA is a perfect business plan for any entrepreneur ready to put in the work. To do so in the UK, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn how to start your Amazon FBA business in the UK!

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How To Sell on Amazon UK: The Beginner's Guide

Amazon has quickly become the dominant online marketplace for sellers and buyers worldwide. While the largest marketplace for Amazon is still in the US, the European marketplace is thriving and growing - and you can access it all from the UK.

If you live in the United Kingdom and want to sell on Amazon, you must set up your business correctly and address a few challenges. Here's our short guide to getting started for beginners!

The Amazon Europe Marketplace Account

When you sign up for an Amazon Seller Central account in the UK, you are automatically enrolled in the Amazon Europe Marketplace Account.

This account allows you to sell in 28 countries across Europe without registering businesses in each location or handling inventory separately.

As a UK seller, you can sell on the following sites:

The Amazon Europe Marketplace Account allows you to sell on,,,,, and

Your experience selling will be the same across the board due to Amazon's programs like Pan-European FBA, Multi-Country Inventory, and the European Fulfillment Network.

When you create your listings, you will simply need to select which marketplaces your product will be available in.

As a UK seller taking advantage of the entire European marketplace, you will also need to ensure you are keeping up to speed with taxes by paying VAT to any states or territories in which you sell. You can find more information on VAT and Amazon sales here.

VAT stands for "Value Added Tax." It is the consumption tax on any good or service and is collected at every stage of the supply chain where value is added. When selling in the EU, you must pay VA on sales!

Formalizing Your UK Business

Now that you've decided to sell on Amazon in the UK, you must create a formal business. Amazon will not allow you to sign up for a professional account before taking this step.

You will need to set up a private limited company with the UK government to do so. There are two versions of limited companies: limited by shares and limited by guarantee.

Since you are operating a for-profit business, you will choose a "limited by shares" business structure.

The difference between companies limited by shares or guarantees in the UK.

You can find all the necessary steps for creating your Limited Company here.

Before you complete this step, you will need accurate and detailed person informational, the name of your business, an address to use (you can use your personal one for now), and some founding documents.

Consider using outside help to ensure all your ducks are in a row as you register your business!

Borderless Banking For UK Amazon Sellers

European sellers listing products on multiple marketplaces must deal with currency differences.

Because you will operate in many countries, borderless banking with low exchange rates is essential.

A colorful globe, focused on the EU.

WorldFirst is the bank many Amazon FBA sellers use when they start selling online. This bank account allows you to collect payments from over 100 marketplaces worldwide and transfer money to your account at a low rate.

Whatever you find - you need to make two business bank accounts. One UK account in the name of your business to use as the final dumping ground for your take-home profits and one borderless account to handle cross-country transactions and income streams.

How To Create Your FBA Account

With a business created and your banking in order, it's time to create your FBA account, an Amazon seller account. While this is a crucial step, it isn't as complicated as those we've already tackled.

First, go to and click "sign up."

Sell on Amazon: Become an Amazon seller.

You will have the choice to either create an individual seller account or a professional seller account.

Individual accounts do not include a monthly fee but require a fee of €.75 per item sold, plus additional selling fees. This does not include VAT.

Professional accounts have a monthly subscription fee of €25, in addition to FBA storage fees, shipping costs, and other selling fees (also excluding VAT).

You will choose a professional account.

Your professional account allows you the room to scale your store and sell in more significant numbers, whereas an individual account will limit your sales.

Amazon's Seller Central Account wizard will guide you through the account creation process. You will need your business, banking, and accurate personal information for this process.

First Steps To Master FBA

Once your account is set up, you need to get started with your plan for success on Amazon. You can find plenty of helpful resources on our blog page, but here are the basics.

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  1. Research, Research, Research. Perform quality market research to discover which niche you want to sell in. You need to sell products, but before that, research the product category and things like the selling price. Then, either create your own products, a new one or adjust an existing one to meet a unique need within that niche.
  1. Find a Reliable Supplier. Once you've developed a successful product idea, you will find a supplier in China or India to create your product. Be sure to find a reputable seller with experience and order samples first. Alibaba is the most popular site to use for this.
  1. Build An Optimized Listing. Your listing will require professional product photography, infographics, and optimized copy. Take some time to do keyword research first! Find relevant keywords for your products and Ecommerce business.
  1. Use PPC & Digital Advertising To Your Advantage. Especially when you start, PPC is the best tool to get your product in front of more customers, so include this in your professional selling plan. You can also use Amazon Attribution and other digital advertising techniques to boost sales!
  1. Register Your Own Brand & Use Amazon's Brand Services. Amazon's Brand Registry is the fastest way to grow your store. As quickly as possible, trademark your products and get registered so you can use elements like EBC content, Sponsored Brand Content, and more!


Selling on Amazon FBA in the UK is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs. You have access to customers all over Europe with just one account, and there are plenty of ways to optimize your sales. Need help getting your store started? Our team is standing by to help.

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How to Sell on Amazon FBA in the UK in 2023

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