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Increase Your Amazon Income with Great Product Packaging

Why should you use customized packaging? Here's 5 reasons we suggest branding your packaging.

Importance of Amazon Product Packaging

Increase Your Amazon Income with Great Product Packaging
Julia Grant

March 17, 2022

Why should your package matter? Didn’t your customer purchase the product because they wanted the actual product? Should what it comes in really make a difference?

These are all questions that all e-commerce professionals, FBA sellers have asked themselves at one point or another. In comparison to other important aspects of your Amazon business like the quality of your product, digital marketing efforts, and customer support - amazon FBA packaging isn’t the most important. But it is important! 

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The Benefits of Custom Packaging

Customizing your packaging has many benefits for both you and your customer that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Provides Brand Consistency

Up until now, your customer has (hopefully) been exposed to your brand identity all throughout their online shopping experience. Your digital marketing work, quality photos and video, beautiful infographics, and effective copywriting should all ensure just that.

Most e-commerce sellers understand this aspect of digital marketing. Many of them forget that it is just as important to maintain this level of brand identity and consistency down to the last interaction you have with your customer - delivery with at least meeting FBA packaging requirements. When your packaging is standard, customers walk away ultimately forgetting the rest of their marketing journey and forgetting you. 

Example of custom packaging design provided by EcomHub.

They have their product, and they’re happy. When you provide a packaging experience that reminds them of who they are and who they bought from, you have now given your customer a consistent experience with your brand from beginning to end.

Example of custom packaging design provided by EcomHub.

2. Offers Better Protection

Choosing customized packing gives you the option to upgrade your package and better protect your products. You could buy Amazon packaging supplies and do it yourself but, working with an agency that has years of experience satisfying customers and protecting their purchases is the best way to make sure this happens. When you simply offer run-of-the-mill, low-value packaging, the odds that damage may be incurred to a customer’s product before it arrives at them increases.

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3. Keeps Customers In The Funnel

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs are familiar with the concept of a marketing funnel. Far too often, those who are selling their products online hold the belief that this funnel ends when the customer hits “purchase.” This is far from the truth. 

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Your goal as an Amazon seller is to keep customers in the funnel after they receive their product - so that the next time they need to restock or purchase online, they come right back to you. You’re not just trying to reach new customers, you are trying to keep existing ones.

Your packaging is a way to keep customers “in the funnel” - reminding them of your brand identity so that they don’t forget it. Showing them that you are more than just another Amazon company shipping products in from China and giving them a reason to associate their happiness in their product with your brand identity.

4. Builds Trust With Your Customers

Custom packaging builds trust with customers, who are used to assuming that everything they buy online comes from an impersonal company that probably dropships everything to them anyways. And hey - you probably are dropshipping everything to them, but it’s far more likely they are going to assume that there’s a real person or a real company behind that screen if you went through the effort to brand and customize your packaging. 

Example of custom packaging design provided by EcomHub.

As much as this generation loves convenience, we long for real connection. That's why packaging and prep requirements are important for single products and for shipping multiple case packs. When we get our products in boring brown boxes with no sign or symbol of humanity or identity behind it, we miss the connection. Giving your customer a fun, enjoyable, memorable experience in their packaging is a small way to build trust by connecting your customers to who you are as a brand. 

Example of custom packaging design provided by EcomHub.

5. Sets You Apart

There are plenty of Amazon stores using average packaging and generic options and not abiding by Amazon packaging guidelines. It’s the norm to receive a handful of unrelated products from unrelated stores all thrown together, each wrapped thoughtlessly in plastic bags or cheap boxes. What stands out? 

When one of those items is not completely sealed in cheap plastic or cardboard (instead of bubble wrap or Amazon preferred poly bags), but encased in a beautifully designed, customized package that protects the item and showcases the professionalism of the brand that sells it. Most sellers are not offering this level of consistency and support to their customers. When you do - you stand out.

Example of custom packaging design provided by EcomHub.


Don’t let standard packaging ruin the experience of future shipments for your customers. Keep them in the funnel and give them a positive experience from beginning to end by using customized packaging that fits your brand! Need help? We offer branding and packaging solutions to get you standing out, fast. Chat with us to learn more!

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Increase Your Amazon Income with Great Product Packaging

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