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5 Essential Amazon Seller Tools You Need For Your Business

Every Amazon FBA Seller should be making use of tools to help them automate where necessary. Check out our list of must-have resources for anyone selling on Amazon!

5 Essential Amazon Seller Tools You Need For Your Business
Julia Grant

November 29, 2022

Amazon FBA is growing in popularity among digital entrepreneurs. The game has changed considerably since Amazon first came on the scene; now, there are more tools than ever to help digital sellers build a successful business. As Amazon professionals who have studied this field for years, we've found several tried and true tools we use in our businesses. Keep reading for the top 5 online tools we recommend to any new FBA seller!

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The Best Amazon Seller Tools For FBA That You Need To Check Out This Year

Great tools can make your job easier as Amazon sellers. Amazon already has a host of tools available to third-party sellers to make life easier - but there are additional third-party tools that can truly change the game for you.

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These tools can give you an advantage every step of the way - with product research, pricing strategies, analytics, and more. Whether you are a brand-new seller or looking to scale up your business, there's something for you here!

We recommend these top 5 online tools for any FBA seller. We believe in them so much that we use them within our FBA Academy to help new students get off to the right start!

  1. Helium10.
    Helium10 is a comprehensive seller tool for FBA sellers to help you with product research, keyword research, listing optimization, business management, analytics, and marketing. It's essential to have something in your back pocket to help find new products- Helium10 can help you find that winning product easily. On top of all their paid products, they have some free tools, including Amazon keyword research, a PPC audit tool, a canonical URL builder, and more!
  1. EcomHub Account & PPC Launch Management.
    The launch stage of an Amazon business can be overwhelming - especially if you're new to the game. There is a delicate science to getting your product to rank and perform well in the right time frame. EcomHub has been perfecting this science for years. As part of our FBA Academy, we provide complete account & PPC management during the critical launch stage for extra security.
  1. Rank & Bank 7.0.
    One factor that will determine your success is how quickly you can rank at the top of the search results and convert those impressions to sales. This is where EcomHub's Rank & Bank tool comes in handy! We provide tried and true tips and tricks to help you get that product on page one in less time (and with less ad spend). Rank & Bank 7.0 is available to all FBA Academy Students.
  1. DataDive.
    Data Dive is an affordable resource accessed directly within a Chrome browser. It pulls from Helium10, Keepa, Google Trends, and Amazon Seller Central to perform Amazon research directly within the Amazon search results. To use DataDive, you do need a Helium10 subscription. Their interface is priceless, however, as it allows you to combine data from multiple sources, all within the Amazon browser, to make informed product research decisions.
  1. Keepa.
    Keepa provides price history charts for Amazon products to help you develop your pricing strategy. They also allow you to view best-selling products and top-selling lists for competitor analysis. Keepa is another source of data within DataDive.

Free Amazon Seller Tools

Some of these tools come with a bit of sticker shock. If you’re new and you don’t have a huge budget - consider these free resources. 

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  1. Keepa.
    Keepa has a paid option (which we recommend), but plenty of resources are available within this tool for free. If you can't afford the paid subscription, download the free app at a minimum.
  1. Keyword Tool.
    Keyword research is essential for any online seller - especially on Amazon. The free version of Keyword Tool will still allow you to perform basic keyword research and see results across various platforms. You should definitely utilize the free Amazon keyword tool for Amazon FBA sellers.
  1. Google Trends.
    Google Trends is an entirely free resource that requires no plugin or app. You can use this to track the popularity of a keyword or search term over time. This is essential in avoiding fad products that can't stand the test of time!
  1. Amazon Seller Central.
    Get to know your Amazon Seller Central interface. There are many tools available to you within your Amazon seller central account dashboard. Amazon wants you to succeed, so they've provided plenty of resources (like the amazon seller app) to help sellers achieve success online. Pay attention to these tools!

Why Use Tools?

A good businessman (or woman) needs to know the balance between innovation and automation. There is no use reinventing the wheel. While you could likely find a way to perform all this research without any tools, you will also likely give yourself quite a headache doing so.

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People invented these tools because it was difficult. They innovated and created something so that you can automate the things they wish they could have. That gives you more room to leave the innovation to other parts of your business - like product development, creative marketing, inventory management software, and more.

The tools we've listed above do come at a cost. They also make it easier for you to turn a profit. Based on your available startup funds, decide which tools you will use and which ones you will wait to invest in until later. You can select from a range of software tools like keyword research tool, market intelligence tools, review management tool, product research tool, etc. These are the same tools we use and recommend - so we offer them to you genuinely as excellent resources that have helped us time and time again.


Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your Amazon FBA business, having the best tools will make all the difference. Utilizing the best amazon seller tools can help boost your success and give you the edge over other sellers. Book a call with our team of Amazon experts for more hands-on guidance with your Amazon FBA store!

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5 Essential Amazon Seller Tools You Need For Your Business

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