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How to Use Sponsored Brands Video Ads on Amazon
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Looking for help creating your Amazon sponsored brand video ads? Look no further! Our guide will help get you started.

Proper Use Of Sponsored Brands Video Ads on Amazon

How to Use Sponsored Brands Video Ads on Amazon
Julia Grant

February 23, 2022

Are you considering implementing video advertising into your Amazon marketing strategy? Good for you - this is a GREAT way to boost conversions and get more sales. Companies running Amazon sponsored brand video ads experience some of the lowest ACoS of any ad type. In fact, cost per click (CPC) and ACoS are usually lower for sponsored brand video ad than sponsored product ads. Let’s walk through how to set up a winning sponsored brand video ad campaign on Amazon.

Before we begin, it is important to note that these ad campaigns are only available for brands who have completed the brand registry process with Amazon. In order to register as a brand, you will need an active or pending trademark in a valid country. You’ll then login to Amazon’s brand registry platform and submit an application! You can find easy, step by step instructions for this process here.

Eligibility requirements for brand registry with Amazon as per their website.
Source: Amazon

How To Use Video Ad Campaigns on Amazon Properly

Video has become the medium of choice when it comes to digital marketing and social media consumption. However, every platform requires a slightly different strategy to get the best results. This is definitely the case for Amazon video ads

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What Makes A Successful Video Ad?

A successful video ad on Amazon will take into account several key factors. 

Do Your Research - Know Your Audience

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When handling any form of marketing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Check out what top competitors in your field are doing - and what the “less” competitive sellers in your field are doing as well. Get a feel for what the customers in your niche are interested in, what emotions other successful ads in the field evoke, what mood (temperature, brightness, etc.) tends to be trending among this niche, what tone (serious, sarcastic, informative, etc.) and what lifestyle these customers enjoy. 

All this can help you create a video ad that connects with your particular audience. In marketing in general, but especially in video, you want your advertising to be specific - not broad. 

Be Concise 

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Today’s consumers have a shockingly low attention span. You need to get your message across quickly and concisely or they will not stick around to hear the whole message. While popular video platforms utilize videos around 30 seconds to 1 minute, for video advertising you should keep your video between 15-30 seconds. 

The shorter the better - as it’s more likely customers will be intrigued and want to learn more (like a hook to a good joke that keeps a reader coming back) versus feel like they’ve understood everything comprehensively and need no further explanation (like an infomercial). Hook them with a short, concise, and clear video - and get them clicking to learn more.

Highlight Your Product Well

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Since you only have 15-30 seconds to make an impression, you want to be sure to highlight the most important aspects of your product. You’ll want to show your product right off the bat - don’t get dramatic and try to lead up to the big reveal. Show your product within the first second to help your customer understand exactly what you’re offering.

Showcasing your product’s primary use is a great idea as well. Don’t only show off a closeup of your offering, but rather give your customer a taste of what they could experience while using your product by including lifestyle videos or 3D rendered animation.

Optimize Your Formatting

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Lastly, you will need to optimize your formatting to ensure it is up to Amazon’s standards. These videos naturally play with no volume and are frequently viewed on a mobile screen. Your video should not require audio to be understood clearly, and all spoken words should be available in closed captions on a black box background of at least 80% opacity in a sans-serif, white font of 80 px or more.

You should always check directly on Amazon’s site for updated formatting requirements. As of March 2022, here are some of the most important to note for videos.

Video and audio specifications for video ads on Amazon as per their website.
Source: Amazon

In addition to these video and audio specs, Amazon has an in detail explanation for do’s and don'ts when it comes to marketing. If you are making content yourself, please be sure to read these thoroughly and be up to date with Amazon’s expectations.

One of the best ways to ensure that your videos meet all the requirements is by working with a professional in the field who understands the fine print in and out. Our Agency Support Team and EcomHub does just that! If you’re interested in professional video advertising for your store, check out our video services here.

How Do I Run A Successful Ad Campaign?

Setting up an ad campaign is not difficult at all! To set up your ad campaign, you will first visit the Ad Campaign portion of your Amazon account.

When you create a new campaign, select the video option, and then choose which item you will be advertising.

An image showing the process of posting an Amazon video Ad via Seller Central.

You can then upload your video and check to ensure the preview is user friendly and meets all of Amazon’s video requirements. You can also follow the Amazon Video ad templates to make quick, easy & cost effective video ad campaign.

The rest should be very familiar - you’ll set the keywords to apply to your video, and the appropriate bid amount for each keyword. Be sure to utilize proper SEO research before deciding which words to use and how to best bid on them!

An image showing the process of posting an Amazon video Ad via Seller Central.

Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you’ll submit your video ad for review. It should be approved within 72 hours (though often it is approved beforehand).

Why Should I Include Video Advertising In My Amazon Marketing?

Video advertising is effective. Diode Digital recently found that video ads are 600% more effective than both print and direct mail. The click-thru rate for video ads is 7.5x that of graphic based ads, and simply mentioning video in a subject line increases the probability of that email being opened by 13%.

Video is the way everyone is consuming media these days - at least in it’s shorter form. Consumers are losing patience for long form entertainment and advertising but are eagerly ready to consume appealing, concise, and useful videos. Taking advantage of these facts will help you increase your brand awareness and conversion rates.

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Tips & Tricks For Making The Perfect Video Ad

Need a little bit more help getting your idea off the ground? Here’s a few more things to keep in mind when making your video ad format.

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Don’t Make Price Promises

You are not allowed to offer coupons or price drops when creating your video. Honestly, it’s best to stick to highlighting your brand and your offerings rather than talking about price at all. Price fluctuates so quickly on Amazon - and you want your video to stay relevant for as long as possible.

Don’t Make General Claims

Do not set your brand apart as the “leading name” or the “leading seller” or anything of the like. These kinds of generalized statements are not allowed in your video ads.

Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing

Do not distract your audience with over the top effects or content within your video. Focus on what matters - your brand and your products. Keep it short and keep it simple! You want your customer to walk away from viewing your video understanding who you are and why they need your product.

Branding is Everything

Showcase your logo! Sponsoring your brand means little to nothing if you don’t actually highlight your brand. It’s a good idea to keep your logo visible the entire time - one way you can do this is by watermarking your video with your logo. Just be sure that wherever you place the logo, it’s not covered up by the volume button or text.

Don’t Include External Reviews

You are not allowed to reference third party reviews in your Amazon video. Rather than trying to prove to your customer that other people like your product, invite them to visualize themselves enjoying your product. 

Keep It Friendly, Professional & PG

Do not use forceful, overly persuasive, dramatic, or crude language. Your advertising needs to be free from profanities and inappropriate content. Additionally, you should stay away from using slang or unprofessional lingo.

Use Amazon’s Safe Area Template

Amazon has a safe area template to keep you from putting important video details outside of the frame when making your video. Be sure to use this template before submitting your video  - you don’t want any of your text or key video elements falling outside the border.


Video is the future! And it’s certainly the best way to start advertising your brand and your products on Amazon. Be sure to follow our guide and more importantly, always refer to Amazon’s site as guidelines change with time. All guidelines listed in this article are valid as of March 2022! If you’re ready to start using video ads on Amazon but you need some help making professional quality content - talk with one of our team members today.

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How to Use Sponsored Brands Video Ads on Amazon

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