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Big News - EcomHub Is Growing Around The Globe!

We have some exciting news! EcomHub has officially acquired our own sourcing office in China. This means smoother communication with manufacturers overseas and better products in your hands. Check it out!

Big News - EcomHub Is Growing Around The Globe!
Julia Grant

November 8, 2022

EcomHub was founded to train and equip digital entrepreneurs to succeed on Amazon FBA. Since our founding, we’ve effectively launched countless Amazon FBA stores that bring in well over six figures. It’s been a wild ride. 

As we grow, we’re always thinking of how we can be better at what we do - how we can best meet our client’s needs and most effectively work within the e-commerce space. Over the years, we’ve added new elements to what we do to this effect. The evergreen course updates, new EcomHub agency solutions, and the Seller Startup Studio are all ways that we have expanded our ability to serve you better. 

Now, we’ve made an even bigger step in this direction. EcomHub now has its own sourcing office and team in China! 

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Why We Opened A Sourcing Office In China

This is BIG NEWS for EcomHub! Most e-commerce business platforms rely on third-party suppliers and sourcing services to acquire products. We are stepping up the game by going global and getting in on the ground floor.

Check out the view from our new office!

The view from our new sourcing office in China.

This is an exciting step for EcomHub. The longer that we’ve been in the game, and the more clients we serve, the more obvious it becomes that having boots on the ground isn’t optional. It’s essential to have control throughout and insight into every aspect of the business. 

Before opening this office, we had to handle supplier communications and investigations from the states. This is much easier said than done. Arranging factory inspections, sample orders, and building that positive relationship with a supplier requires a lot of work. Doing that from across the ocean? Things can get messy.

So, the clearest solution for EcomHub was to open our own office. The EcomHub team in China is responsible for finding quality suppliers, investigating the reliability of their facilities, testing samples, and reporting directly to the EcomHub USA team to ensure things like the supply chain and other elements of the business move forward in a timely and efficient manner. 

This team is now our advocate in China to ensure we get the best products in our hands at the most affordable price. Additionally, they can assist us with basic product development ideas to iron out the product improvement process as we go.

Our sourcing team in China.
Our sourcing team in China.

Ultimately, this move is about EcomHub becoming the best in the industry so you can get the best return on your investment with us. We pride ourselves on helping individuals find quality products that will help them generate a reliable income. 

By having our own office, we have our eyes on every step of the process. That means we can confidently say that we believe in the products we source, and we believe they will serve you well.

Take a look inside our new building! 

The inside of our new EcomHub sourcing office in China.
The reception desk of our new EcomHub sourcing office in China.
The front door of our new EcomHub sourcing office in China.
 A common room in our new EcomHub sourcing office in China.
The kitchenette in our new EcomHub sourcing office in China.

We’re Grateful For You!

None of this would be possible without you. What started as YouTube videos, workshops, and podcasts has become a one-stop shop for e-commerce professionals. 

David Zaleski on a YouTube video with another YouTuber.

Our team has expanded rapidly over the past several years to include Amazon experts, coaches, administrative professionals, graphic designers, copywriters, digital illustrators, videographers, and more.

All of us at EcomHub take immense pride in the journey. It is such an honor to be a part of something that has helped so many people realize their potential in business - and that wouldn’t be possible without those of you who have trusted us to join you on your e-commerce journey in some way. 

It’s hard to believe that this is where we are! This latest EcomHub expansion is exciting and filled with opportunity. It is our commitment to you that we will continue to grow, improve, and expand so that we can provide you with the absolute best product in the e-commerce industry.

If you haven’t jumped into the e-commerce world yet - go for it! You never know what a small beginning could lead to. If you’re in the trenches and working hard - keep it up! Work hard, and you’ll earn that return on your investment. The team here at EcomHub is here to help you along the way - now with more resources and a bigger team than ever before.

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Big News - EcomHub Is Growing Around The Globe!

Julia Grant

Julia Grant is a copywriter specializing in e-commerce and small business, helping businesses expand their reach with copy that clearly communicates their message and converts. She is a certified translator and interpreter and prides herself on providing culturally relevant content in both English and Spanish.

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