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How to Package Multi-Packs and Sets for Amazon FBA

Using Amazon's bundle and multi-pack feature can help you sell more products and keep customers happy. Here's how.

Ways To Package Multi-Packs And Bundles

How to Package Multi-Packs and Sets for Amazon FBA
Julia Grant

November 1, 2021

How to Package Multi-Packs and Sets for Amazon FBA

When selling items on Amazon, customer satisfaction levels play a huge role in your business’ success. Therefore, you may want to brainstorm ways to give consumers better value for their money or increase the perceived value by saving them time. 


Why Use Bundles and Multi-Packs

Amazon provides an easy way to combine several related items that you sell and package them together, like a gift basket. Amazon calls this a ‘bundle’. For example, if you sell baby products, you could put a pacifier, bib, and onesie together to make an easy baby shower gift! This adds value to your product by minimizing the amount of time your customer has to spend worrying about what to purchase.

Another way to do this is to create what is called a 'multi-pack' by Amazon. This entails packaging several of the same items together and selling them for a discounted price, different from if the same items were sold separately. Continuing with the example of the baby items, perhaps you’d sell 3 pacifiers for $10 instead of individually for $4 each, saving the customer $2 if they want multiples. 

As these bundles and multi-packs save the customer either time, money, or both, they are good ways to market your store and create and keep customers. Let’s talk about some ways you can package these items in order to continue using Amazon's fulfillment centers or FBA services with this strategy! 

An Amazon fulfillment center can help a seller account store their qualified FBA listings, now you can opt for a monthly storage fee or long-term storage fees. But that's not all they do for FBA sellers, they also help with distributing. You can find more information on FBA fees and details on your seller central account.

These bundles can also help you if you’ve ended up with the dreaded “add-on item” sticker for selling an item that doesn’t price high enough for Amazon to merit shipping it out by itself. Bundling your items together as either a bundle or a multi-pack can help you get out of this situation and make bigger sales at the same time. So how do you prep your products for bundles and multi-packs?

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1. Multi-Packs

When setting up a multi-pack for your FBA business, you will need to make sure that there is an option on your listing to change the ‘package quantity.’ This includes items that fall under grocery, home and garden, health and beauty, and outdoors and sports. It’s also important to note that unless your item is frequently packaged together as a multi-pack, it will need a separate UPC code from the single product listing.

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The items you package together must be sealed in a transparent bag or transparent wrap of some kind. Amazon fulfillment centers provide a couple of options to use for this in return for the fulfillment fees, ranging from shrink wrap to poly bags. You’ll need to be able to scan the UPC code through the packaging or put it on the outside of the wrap. You will also need to add a suffocation warning label or purchase bags that come with this label already printed on them. Another label that is important is the ‘sold as set’ label or ‘do not separate,’ indicating that your items are ready to send from the FBA facility just as they are. 

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2. Bundles

To wrap a bundle, make sure you’re aware of Amazon’s specifications about what can be added. The items have to be related, and primary products cannot include movies, video games, or books. They must be distinct items so that it is not qualified as a multi-pack. 

When listing a bundle, you’ll need to choose one category under which to sell it, even if some of the items may fall under more than one category. 

Actually, packaging bundles and multi-packs are similar processes. Let’s go over techniques to remember when using a type of packaging: 

  • Stretch Wrap
  • Use the first layer to gently surround the items, and tighten it from there. 
  • Make sure to cover the entire set of items in the wrap, so that nothing can fall out. 
  • Shrink Wrap
  • When using shrink wrap, make sure to keep your heat gun on a low setting, especially if wrapping soft flexible plastics, to keep your items from melting. 
  • You’ll want to shrink the wrap when your product is upright so that it stands correctly on the storage shelves at the FBA facility. 
  • Do not put the heat gun too close to your item! Try to keep it as far away as you can while still melting the wrap. 
  • Poly Bag 
  • In order to seal this bag, you can use tape or an impulse sealer. 
  • When using an impulse sealer, get the seal close to the items so they will not shift around too much while shipping. 
  • If using tape, make sure to seal it completely and neatly so that the items will not fall out, and the customer will get a professional-looking end product. 
  • Poly Bag with Self-Seal Strip
  • Fold the self-seal strip-down far enough that your items will not move around too much while shipping. 


3. Use a Third Party For Help

As fun as it sounds to take care of all the shrink wrap, poly bags, and labelling on your own, we really don’t recommend that you focus on this element of the business. You may have to as you get started, and if that’s where you find yourself, make sure you follow the aforementioned steps to get your multi-packs and bundles ready. But once you grow enough to splurge on a third party who can help you package and prep your products for FBA - be sure to do so. This will help you take your mind off these specifications and allow you to focus on other elements of your business.



If you do not follow the guidelines Amazon has laid out for shipping multi-packs or bundles, you may have shipping errors through FBA or you may be charged an extra fee if Amazon catches the error and fixes it for you. It’s important to be thorough, careful, and well-informed! If you still have questions even after reading this article, get in touch with one of our coaches and let us help you make sure everything is ready! 

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How to Package Multi-Packs and Sets for Amazon FBA

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