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Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads: Create Your First Sponsored Brands Ads in 5 Steps

Have you heard of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads before? Get started with our quick guide to setting up your first sponsored brands ad!

Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads: Create Your First Sponsored Brands Ads in 5 Steps
Julia Grant

December 29, 2022

If you're an Amazon e-commerce seller, Sponsored Brands Ads can be a great way to promote your products and increase your sales. In this blog post, we'll show you how to create your first Sponsored Brands Ad in 5 easy steps. Whether you're new to this or just need a refresher, this post will help you get started. Let's dive in!

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Complete Walkthrough of Creating Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads are an effective way for you to reach Amazon shoppers looking for related products. While creating these ads may initially seem daunting, with a few simple steps, you can put together powerful ads that will bring in more customers and grow your business.

Before you can use these ads, you must be registered with Amazon's Brand Registry program. You should also have a Brand Store created and organized, which allows your customers to discover more about your brand and products all on one page.

Understanding Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

With Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads, your brand has the opportunity to reach an even larger audience on one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world.

There are three varieties of Sponsored Brand Ads:

  • Product Collection
  • Store Spotlight
  • Video Ads
An Amazon sponsored brands ad for ZenChalet puzzles.
An Amazon sponsored brands video ad for bluetooth headphones.
An Amazon sponsored brands ad for dog products.

Each of these is effective and differs from the average sponsored product ads that most marketers use.

It's best to use a combination of these ad formats. Amazon states that those who use a combination of all three saw their return on ad spend increase by 5.5% over those only using one format - so spread your budget around the three different options!

Creating Your First Ad

Making a Sponsored Brand Ad is easy! You can complete your first campaign in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Sign in to Seller Central, access the advertising panel, and click the "Create a Campaign" button.
  1. Select "Sponsored Brands."
Choosing the sponsored brands ad option within Amazon Seller Central.
  1. Enter your campaign details. This includes your campaign name, start and end dates, and budget. Be specific with your campaign name, and consider leaving your end date open-ended for now. You'll want to start with a daily budget of at least $10, as per Amazon's recommendation!
  1. Choose your ad format. For now, choose either "Product Collection" or "Store Spotlight." We'll focus on some tips for Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads next!
The three Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads options within Amazon Seller Central.
  1. Follow the easy set-up wizard to fill in the template with your products and details!

A few notes:

When creating a product collection, you will choose a landing page and at least one product to feature in the ad. The landing page can be your storefront or a custom-built brand page within your Amazon storefront.

When creating a store spotlight ad, you will have to choose a storefront to advertise. Your storefront must have at least three subpages to be eligible for a Sponsored Brand Ad, with at least one unique product on each of these pages. You can adjust elements of your product detail page like headline, brand logo, page labels, and thumbnail images to your liking.

Using Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos

Utilizing Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos is a great way for businesses to help increase their visibility and grow their audience. Amazon allows companies to bid on slots within the Sponsored Brands Video inventory, so businesses can choose which videos of their choice are featured in video carousels, and people who watch the videos can easily connect with the company’s brand page.

Video content is more effective than text and graphic-based content, so using Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos will reach customers in a more memorable way.

Plus, creating a video that demonstrates the how-tos of a particular product or service will provide consumers with a better understanding of its features and benefits.

Successful video ads will not only engage viewers but also foster customer trust, making Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos an invaluable tool for businesses both big and small.

The process for creating an Amazon Sponsored Ads Video is the same as listed above - but you will choose the "video" ad format.

A few things to keep in mind for your video ad:

  • All video ads should be 6-45 seconds long
  • Sponsored brands ad format must be 728x90, 800x90, 300x250, 160x600, 245x135, or 900x45.
  • You may not have any bars on the sides of the videos.
  • Audio descriptions must be complete (not interrupted).
  • No blank or black frames to start or end videos.
  • Videos should be easy to understand with or without audio. Include a disclaimer if there is no audio - and subtitles if there is audio.
  • Everything must be HD.

If you aren't sure how to create your first sponsored brands video ad, our FBA Academy team would love to assist you!

For a complete list of requirements, view Amazon's most recent video and Sponsored Ad requirements here.



Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads are an incredibly effective way to maximize exposure to your brand and products on Amazon. You should use a combination of all three video formats to maximize your advertising spend - but especially focus on video ads. If you need help getting started, one of our Amazon experts is standing by, ready to help!

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Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads: Create Your First Sponsored Brands Ads in 5 Steps

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