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How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon FBA Sellers

Would you like to sell wholesale on Amazon FBA? Make sure you research to find a reliable supplier and a product that can perform. Check out our short guide for help finding your first wholesale supplier!

How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon FBA Sellers
Julia Grant

October 18, 2022

There are many ways to create a profitable business using Amazon. You can create a private label product, sell handmade goods, drop ship products, try retail arbitrage, or go the wholesale route.

Wholesale is gaining popularity and has been used by retail giants for a long time. Keep reading to learn how you can use this model to find success on Amazon!

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Find And Evaluate Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers For Your Business

The key to success on Amazon lies in mastering these four steps. Finding a product, sourcing a supplier, launching your business, and scaling your sales.

Find a product, source a supplier, launch your business, and scale your sales.

When dealing with a wholesale business model, finding wholesale suppliers who are reliable and affordable is extra important. This entire model depends on getting a quality brand that people recognize at a steep enough discount for you to mark up and turn a profit.

This is easier said than done! But it is possible.


Why Should I Sell Wholesale On Amazon?

I'll be honest: at EcomHub, we specialize in the private label business model. It gives you room for growth and allows you to meet a unique need with a custom product. That means more profits!

However, the wholesale model is an acceptable option for the right person. Hugely successful retail giants like Target and Walmart use this model to acquire minimal-cost goods and sell them back for a higher fee.

Shopping carts lined up at Walmart.

It's becoming popular on Amazon, too. After the pandemic, many people started to prefer shopping for more goods online than in person. That means there's room to edge in on the retail scene and grab a slice of the wholesale pie.

Dean and Rory from Gilmore Girls sit at a café, Dean says "I'll have a piece of pie."

Selling wholesale on Amazon is a good option for those who have the budget to buy large quantities upfront, are prepared to deal with inventory storage, and don't want the hassle of dealing with custom product invention, branding, and overseas manufacturer relations.

Where To Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers

Finding reliable wholesale suppliers for your Amazon business is typically much more straightforward than finding suppliers to custom manufacture items overseas.

Before you can find suppliers, you must decide which brand or item you want to sell.

The key is to locate a small or medium-sized brand that is recognized and performs well - but isn't so widely successful that it will be impossible to succeed. You're not going to do well trying to wholesale Airpods, for example.

There are two ways you can go about this.

  1. Choose a product, then find wholesale suppliers.
  2. Find a supplier, and choose a product.

When dealing with wholesale, both are acceptable options. Choosing a supplier first is simpler, but selecting a product first will likely give you a better competitive edge.

To find wholesale products, go to Amazon and explore the various items on the "best sellers" list.

The current best sellers list on Amazon's Best Sellers page.

Many categories are represented here, so find one you are interested in and get to work. You're looking to purchase products with high demand and limited supply. When you find something of interest, keep a note of the brand and attempt to find the supplier. Sometimes, the supplier is listed in the fine print of the description.

Where to find the manufacturer in the product details on Amazon.

You should start with a list of 3-5 products to consider and contact the supplier(s) to ask if you can buy in bulk.

Not every supplier will be open to this, so having backup options is necessary.

You will still need to research if you choose a supplier first and simply select one of their available products.

You can find reliable brands by the process above or simply by using an online wholesale directory and distributor and networking at trade shows.

Some wholesale directories you might try are:

Juniper Market - a high-ticket wholesale supplier.

There are plenty you can find online. Look for a vendor with experience, recognizable worldwide brands, and excellent communication. Decide whether you want to sell high or low-ticket items. This will help you choose a supplier as well.

Once you've landed on a vendor, take time to research the products they have available using keyword research, market research, and Amazon research.

Tips for New Amazon Wholesale Sellers

Selling wholesale is simpler than a private label, but it isn't easy for Amazon sellers. Make sure you consider the following before signing any documents with a supplier.

GIF of a man in old-fashioned clothing saying "I'll consider it."

  • Where are they located? Ideally, you'll want a supplier in the US that is not too far from your storage location.
  • Do they have a good reputation? Check online reviews! Another way to confirm this is by joining wholesale seller Facebook groups and asking about the supplier you are considering.
  • Do you recognize the brands they carry? Wholesale works best when you have something recognizable. Don't buy hundreds of things that nobody will buy.
  • What is their MOQ? Most wholesalers have a "minimum order quantity," either measured by the number of products or the cost of your total order. Verify this with the supplier before you order.
  • How quickly can they deliver? Ask about shipping times and charges. Your wholesale supplier should be able to deliver promptly and at a minimal extra cost (although you should expect some charge, especially for larger orders).
  • What hidden costs are there? Confirm whether or not additional service fees or membership fees are necessary to purchase from this supplier.
  • Do they communicate efficiently? Pay attention to the communication habits of any potential supplier. E-commerce is a busy industry - make sure whoever you're working with communicates clearly and efficiently.
  • Do they run low on inventory frequently? Your business depends on consistent inventory. Do not go into business with someone who is constantly out of stock.

Once you've vetted and landed on a great supplier and found an item you want to sell, you'll get started setting up your Seller Central account and creating your first listing.

Remember, your goal is to increase the wholesale prices just enough to generate profit but not enough to raise eyebrows!

GIF of a man raising his eyebrows in suspicion.


Selling wholesale on Amazon can be a great business model - you get the benefit of working with recognizable brands and products, and you don't have to carry the inventory yourself. By following the steps above, you can find reliable suppliers and create listings that will turn a profit. Good luck!

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How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon FBA Sellers

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