Kalen Howardson

Kalen Howardson is a talented entrepreneur from Vancouver. He has a degree in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has helped over 100 students experience financial freedom through Amazon FBA.

Kalen was impressed by the success of a fellow classmate who was selling on Amazon - so he took the plunge and decided to pursue e-commerce in 2018.

His business quickly grew and now boasts of lifetime sales approaching 7-figures. Once his first business hit such impressive numbers, he left the company, turned a healthy profit, and began teaching new sellers how to do well in the e-commerce space.

Kalen has been working with EcomHub since then, training new entrepreneurs to start their own FBA businesses and succeed online.

He finds it incredibly rewarding to help others find the success they desire for their business. He has experienced the frustrations of building something from the ground up and is eager to walk alongside anyone new to the e-commerce space. You can rely on Kalen to provide honest, insightful, and experienced mentorship as you begin your Amazon FBA journey.