Ayaz Baig

Ayaz Baig is a highly respected entrepreneur from Toronto. He holds an MBA degree and has over seven years of professional experience in the e-commerce industry.

Ayaz specializes in business development, marketing management, strategy, and customer relationship. He got started on Amazon in 2015 and became frustrated by the hurdles he faced (including multiple account suspensions and significant financial losses). He eventually found the EcomHub FBA Academy, started the program and saw his business begin to thrive.

As his monthly sales approached the 6-figure mark and he continued to launch more successful products and stores, he became passionate about helping sellers struggling through the startup process as he did.

Ayaz has been serving as an Amazon Expert with EcomHub for two years and has helped over 100 students gain the financial freedom they desire through e-commerce. He finds it rewarding to give back to the next generation of Amazon FBA success stories.

His steadiness, ambition, and enthusiasm make him an excellent coach and mentor. Ayaz's goal is to get the right strategies in place to achieve your personal and organizational goals in Amazon FBA.