Andrew Chen

Andrew is an Amazon FBA professional based in Toronto. He got his start in e-commerce during the pandemic when he began to learn about Amazon FBA and partnered with EcomHub to launch his first store. Now, that store is generating over 30K every month.

Andrew's background is in engineering, which has inspired his passion for leveraging data to optimize complex Amazon processes like product research, keyword discovery, and PPC. He's used these skills to create a highly successful store in the sustainability and household supplies niche. After receiving training and mentorship from EcomHub coaches, Andrew grew a desire to help other students go through the same process.

In his free time, Andrew loves to stay physically active at the gym and play badminton, as well as connect with other entrepreneurs.

Andrew looks forward to connecting with new and seasoned sellers alike to help guide them toward success and financial freedom through Amazon FBA! You can count on him to walk you through your e-commerce journey with professional insight and personalized mentorship.